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Just wanted to pass on a Great source of info

Here is an example of just one of a dizzying array of very high quality videos on subjects we come across all the time. This one is about the Lead Acid Battery. We have all fielded questions about batteries and battery life…Perhaps you would like to know the science. I’ve watched many of his vids…one on the Titanic, The first Transistor and even the Aluminum Can…All very thorough.

Check this guy out…he is top notch. I am in NO WAY affiliated with this gents page on U tube. Just passing on something cool.


Thanks. I watched the battery one, then watched the drawn aluminum can process. I was out of the can business before these became popular so it was interesting.

Excellant @Blackbird.

Yeah…i thought he gives good info in a professional manner. Again…not affiliated in any way… Ive since watched all sorts of his videos… All very well done