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Battery Booster Pack

This weekend on PBS TV Motor Week, Gus demonstrated a new lightweight Lithium Ion powered battery pack the size of a large I-pad. Can’t find any sources. Anyone have an idea?

I looked but couldn’t find any that small. I like lithium ion technology but I don’t think one as small as an I-pad could do much for starting your car.

You may want to see if you can find the show on the PBS site and get the name of the manufacturer then go to the manufacturer’s website.

I can’t imagine such a device. Lithium Ion cells generate too much heat under large loads.
But, then again, if you’d told me 40 years ago that I’d be able to carry on a face-to-face conversation with my son 3,000 miles away with a phone in my pocket smaller than the heel of my shoe that wasn’t even plugged in I would have said you were totally, absolutely, completely nuts. Even the scifi writers would have laughed you out of the room. And, yet, here we are!

My local parts house has one on the counter, but I can’t seem to find it on their Web site.

It’s about 3" X 7" X 1 inch thick. Nice zipper case for the glove box and all the cables included.


All the tool trucks carry them, Snap-on, Mac and Matco. I tried the Matco one out about a year ago, I was able to start a new Tundra with the battery disconnected. The units start out at about $150 and go up from there. Here is a ebay link I have not seen that unit it is just an example.


Cool. Once again I am amazed. I’ve never come across these compact LI units.

That’s a little different than the one at the place I posted.

But the same general idea.


Li-ion batteries can discharge at a wicked rate. Much higher than lead-acid, Ni-cad or even NiMh. There needs to be electronics with the battery to regulate it so the battery doesn’t flame out!

This is exactly the technology needed for these things. Li-ion is very light, can sit around unused for years, doesn’t self-discharge, can provide a high burst of energy when needed and won’t sulfate like the AGM batteries normally used for jump packs. The batteries are pretty expensive, though. I’ll wait for a price drop.

Porsche sells a super-lightweight Li-ion starter battery through their motorsports division for about $2000. Perfect for limited use, weight sensitive cars, but with a Por$che price.

I am going to wait till the price comes down. I really like having these things around and for the time being, the cheaper lead acid models do wonders for you doing bicep curls. I have two and can save time building my mini me arms…unless of course the money is just burning a hole in your pocket.

Second thought, the add looks really enticing…

Thank you guys for the info. I’ll check these sources. It seems $100 would be about the least expensive unit.

speaking of lithium-ion . . .

The ni-cad batteries on my snap-on cordless impact weren’t holding their charge anymore

There used to be lithium-ion genuine snap on batteries available for the tool, but no longer

The ni-cads are still available on the tool truck, but the price is outrageous

I really like the tool, it has good power, so I wasn’t ready to give up on it just yet. It’s not even 10 years old . . . !

I bought a chinese $50 lithium-ion battery on ebay. So far, so good. It really does go all out, right up until it needs a charge. No warning. This cheap battery doesn’t have a battery life indicator, but for the price, I can’t complain

What is amazing is that the lithium battery, while it is not physically smaller than the ni-cad, it is much lighter

I felt a $50 battery makes more economic sense than ditching the tool, in favor of a newer one.

If the battery lasts a year without problems, I’ll probably buy some more, while they’re still available

I have both and prefer the lithium ion over the ni cads. I was unable to find the curves, but they seem to maintain their full power through much more of their discharge cycle.

@db4690, you might try Batteries Plus for a rebuilt battery pack. I had mine rebuilt with new NiCad cells for a favorite drill for $35. They open the case and replace the soldered-in cells inside with new ones. I’ve gotten 2 years of use so far although its getting a little short on run time now.

batteries r us charges $70 for a replacement ni-cad for a jump pack. you can buy the battery online for 25. takes about 6 min to change it.

Here is one that was featured in this week’s Autoweek Magazine. It’s also good for powering all of your electronic devices. Looks good to me.


thanks for the link

Inability to predict remaining life is an annoying fact of life with lithium batteries. They work just like they’re fully charged until just before they’re dead, which is what you want for devices that need consistency. There are so many battery technologies under development with attractive properties that lithium batteries will seem heavy and weak in a few years.