Just replaced struts and now have nosie over big bumps

I just recently replaced all 4 struts on a 2003 Nissan maxima with 144k and the front are fine its just the back drivers side it makes a clunk every time I hit a big pot hole or a medium sized bump the shocks are doing there job the car feels great its just I have excessive noise the top strut mount nuts were torqued in place and so was the bottom. When I put my hands on the rear driver side quater panel and start bouncing the car it makes no sounds its only when I start driving. The strut came with the bump stop the only thing I reused was the spring and mount and bushings in between but I took pics of the strut before I compressed it and took it a apart everything is where it suspoed to be I’m puzzled


Some thoughts . . .

Worn sway bar links and bushings tend to make a clunk noise over pot holes and bumps

Are you quite sure they are not the source of the noise?

It’s also possible the strut mount itself is the problem, meaning it may be just plum worn out