2011 Nissan Maxima - Bump noise

bump noises in front suspension or steering wheel…seems to go away after driving …could this be a strut mount issue. 2011 nissan maxima sv with sport package, 124K miles

Could be, or could be sway bar linkage, or other front suspension/steering components. Like to help but this needs a hands on diagnosis by a mechanic.
If mine, I would get it to a shop ASAP, you don’t want something to break at 70 MPH.


Could be something strut engineers call “morning sickness”. When the car sits overnight, the column of oil in the struts leaks down internally so that first thing in the morning, there is air where there should be oil. When you go over a bump the strut doesn’t damp until the air is compressed. That causes a bump or thump noise when the oil hits. It happens because the check valve seal inside the strut is worn out. Eventually it pumps the oil in and the air out and works normally until the next morning.

That would explain why it goes away with driving. A bad strut mount would make noise all the time.

It is annoying but not exactly dangerous. Replacement front struts should clear it up and give you a chance to replace the steer bearing, strut mount, jounce bumper and dust shield if any of these are bad.

Or you can buy “quick strut” assemblies which have all these parts and new springs ready to just bolt right in with no need for a spring compressor.