Clunking noise when driving over bumps

Hello there,

I have a Honda Accord 2000 which up to this point hasn?t given me any serious or major problems. However, when I drive over street bumps (even little ones) there is a rattling/clunking noise coming from the right front end. I took the car to the mechanic and he told me, after a test drive, that my car needs new struts; given the age of the car it doesn?t really surprise me. But could that be the only reason for this problem? What about other suspension components such as, bushings, sway bar, stabilizer bar? I?m turning to you for advice. Thanks in advance. =)

struts is your highest possibility!!! its not often they go bad but when they do it sounds terrable

It sounds to me like a worn bearing at the top of the strut. I’m not sure if a strut will get worn to the point that it will make that noise, but a nine-year-old car with average miles may well need struts, too.

could also be sway bar, sway bar links, sway bar bushings, or struts.

why not take it to another mechanic?

get a second opinion.

do you trust your mechanic? if you trust him, then let him fix it. if you don’t go elsewhere.