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New strut problem

I bought 4 new struts for my car and had them installed by a mechanic friend. Had the alignment done and everything but the drivers side strut makes clunking noises every once in a while when I go over curbs or bumps etc, mostly with the wheel turned. He did have to turn the strut to fit it even though it was supposed to be already set and the numbers matched drivers side in the invoice. These are Napa quick set struts. Can turning the strut a little have damaged it?

I am not sure about turning, but had my struts replaced earlier this year and the shop said they replaced the mounts and bushings? to make sure there were no problems. Hope you do not need to do a 2 part strut repair job.

Hello! Thanks for your response. The quick struts were a kit that came with everything built in. All you have to do is slap them in. Just wondering.

Having to rotate the spring into the proper position in the isolator wouldn’t be unusual or damaging. Failing to do so would likely lead to clunking. The struts turn every time you turn the steering wheel, by the way.

Have you taken the car back to your friend to check it out?

I have. I’m going to take it to where I got it aligned for them to double check. The struts were stupid easy to install and I checked everything before I left. He thought it might be a settling issue or something but it’s been going on for 2 weeks now and our roads in town are not the best.

The noise might not be the struts . …

Sway bar links come to mind, especially if they are the ball and socket type. These can make so much noise, you’d swear the car was falling apart

I believe one end of the sway bar links are attached to the strut, so they do have to be “disturbed” to replace the struts. Perhaps the sway bar links were in marginal shape, anyways

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Hmm I’ll look into that, thank you everyone!

I think @db4690 is right and it could very well be the sway bar links. As he said they can make a lot of noise.

Normally, if the struts are not leaking and you cannot bounce the car excessively the struts are not suspect.
Unless there is a broken spring that is.