Brand new Monroe Shock/Strut clunks when turning or going over bumps

My husband replaced my front strut/shocks. The right one makes a clunking noise when turning the wheel or going over bumps. We ordered a new Monroe 172888 shock/strut and replaced it. Same thing happened. We did it a third time…same thing. If it isn’t the shock/strut itself, any ideas what it could be? The left front is fine. Thanks.

Strut mount is my first thought but this is a “quick strut” that includes everything (strut, mounts, spring and bumpers) so likely not the problem.

That leads me to think is may be the stabilizer bar link but since you didn’t even tell us what make and model or car this is or how many miles on it, it is a wild guess.


My first thought, too.

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What kind of vehicle is it? Year, make, model and mileage. That will tell people what kind of suspension it has and probability of certain components being the culprit…

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It is a 2011 Lincoln MKX. I included that info when I filled in the form but I guess it doesn’t carry over.

2011 Lincoln MKX with 125k miles

Well then, reinforces even more - stabilizer bar link. Might as well replace them in pairs, they only cost $10 each.

As posted above there’s other things beside the strut/shock that move when the road wheel goes over a bump or turning the steering wheel. Anything that connects (via bushings) something attached to the frame to the hub/knuckle ass’y could cause that.

We will try it and let you know, thanks!

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We have an answer! It was not the stabilizer bar link (although we did replace it); finally heard back from the Monroe district manager who told us that there was a whole years’ worth of mis-manufactured shocks and it was a “known issue” by Ford, but was not put out on any bulletins by Ford. The fix is to replace the top part of the assembly, which my husband picked up from the Ford parts store; and thankfully the Monroe rep is going to reimburse us for the purchase (not that it was expensive, but it was very annoying to replace the shock 3 times and have the same thing happen). Would have been nice if the Monroe rep had mentioned that the first time I talked with him back in October. Oh well! Now we know. Thanks for the input from all.

So the same shock was replaced three different times, and after each replacment it still kept making the noise? Did the manufacturer have an explanation why their known-defective parts continue to remain in the supply chain?

No. But they are willing to reimburse us for the cost of the bracket we had to replace. Waiting to see if that really happens.

I’m guessing there’s more to this story than you are being told. Still, as long as the problem is resolved to your satisfaction, as Mr. Shakespeare said, all’s well that ends well.

Agreed. I wish I could be reimbursed for pain and suffering. I had to drive a car that clunked for over 5 months. It was so annoying! Thankful for the car talk community, what a nice resource.