2003 Nissan Maxima strut problems



I have an '03 Maxima w/just over 92k miles. My mechanic who I’ve trusted for 2 years has told me that I need new rear struts. Before I had the 2 rear tires replaced today I was hearing a tunnel noise but since the tire replacement I have not. I was in a rather serious front impact collison a couple of years ago. Is this common for struts to need replacing? Could this be due to the accident? What causes them to go out? Or could my mechanic be trying to pull one over on me.


Struts are a wear and tear item on a car. How long they last can vary depending on driving habits, road surfaces (or lack thereof), and plain old luck.

Strut replacement is a common procedure on any car and if you were experiencing tire noise previously, then it’s quite possible that bad struts were causing an odd tire wear pattern which will in turn create noise.

It’s not likely at all the front impact has anything to do with the rear struts failing, BUT, it is possible that if the vehicle is not in alignment this could also create tire wear problems.
Anytime a vehicle suffers anything more than a very minor dent the vehicle should always go on an alignment rack.
JMHO and hope it helps.


Thanks for the feed-back.