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Just answer service

has anyone used this service where you post a question to a mechanic via the car talk site? I am a little concerned about giving my credit card information out. thanks.

If you have a question, post it here. There are quite a few regulars on this forum who are sharp technicians, and this forum does not charge for answers. We do it as a public service.

This service never charges for answers. If you are seeing some indication that they are, please report it to the web lackeys.

Your concern is justified.

As already stated, this forum is a chat room of knowledgable and experienced mechanics and engineers, including a tranny expert, and an occasional barely-literate bum like myself, and we’ll be happy to help. For free. And all you have to do is put up with our occasional technical debates.

Please feel welcome to post your questions and we’ll do our best.

[i]I don’t think the service is being offered via the Car Talk site. I think it is a banner ad.[/i] You are right to be skeptical. I seriously doubt the Car Talk lackeys vet their advertisers well enough to make me want to give one of them my credit card number.

Hi Folks,

They are, indeed, an underwriter of the web site. Underwriting on the web site is handled by our pals at National Public Media, which is the underwriting arm of NPR.

We’re glad they’re supporting Car Talk and the Car Talk web site, but we don’t have an opinion or comment on their service.


Doug Mayer
Senior Web Lackey

my husband tried it… a total rip-off. Google it and you will get a bunch of links relating to scams associated with this co. You are wise to be cautious; I wish my husband had been more cautious!

You don’t know WHO you are really talking to on those pay to play sites. I doubt they are any better than what you will find here.

Many of the regulars here are working mechanics, retired mechanics (like myself) or automotive hobbyists who have developed a high level of mechanical proficiency. Many of us hold or have held high levels of ASE certification. There is of course a lot of background noise but that is pretty easy to filter out. If anything mechanically incorrect or harmful gets posted, those posts get “corrected” pretty fast…

But keep in mind, diagnosing complex automotive repair problems in today’s computer controlled world can be very difficult or impossible on an internet chat room… We can’t see it or hear it or feel it and some of the descriptions that get posted leave a lot to be desired. But we do the best we can…At no charge…

This “use once and you are signed up until canceled” is pretty common with many different “services” Bill O’Rielly got me when I wanted to be a “preminum member” for just a month. The staff told me to read the fine print better.It was only like 6.00 a month but the point was I did not want a recurring subscription.

Internet security is one of the hats I wear at work, sure i administer a mere 40 computers on the windows side of the fence, and another 60 that are locked into a neoware box and redhat linux, But if I told you all you need to do to avoid scam ware drive by downloads, man in the middle or scripting problems it would boggle your mind. for an average user, use firefox, as I banned Internet explorer so many years ago except for special sites where it was required. Get ad blocker for firefox, use mcafee free site advisor and do not click on anything unless you are sure it is a valid website. Never give out any personal information, I have a checking account with minimal funds for PAYPAL, and a credit card that reimburses and protects me for any fruadulant activity. I do not even sign in to many sites that require submitting a a user name password or email, this one being one of the few, if you can’t find it for free on the internet go to a brick and mortar shop to get your answer! dot.period.end

How about asking the question? I’m sure there are a bunch of internet security and bad news blogs about that topic.

Hey waterboy, how are you with diagnosing firefox problems??


what’s up?

One of my laptops, not all the time but about 80% of the time when watching videos (You tube, news channel videos)I get a blue screen. Always get the blue screen while video is playing. Error message is “Memory parity error contact your vendor” Machine is running XP Professional. Problem only happens when running Firefox. It never happens when running Internet Explorer. I have a new laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and would like to install Firefox but dont know if I should. Any ideas??


Youtube uses flv, or flash video format. You can try flash video uninstaller on the adobe web site, then reinstall the latest version. Uninstaller
I have firefox on 7pro at home and 7 pro 64bit at work and have found no problems.

Ok, I’ll give it a shot. Preciate-it…


Start the checkout process and see if the web address is secure (https:// instead of http://). if so, it is unlikely someone can tap in and steal your credit card number during the transaction. You aren’t obligated to pay for anything until you enter your card number and other pertinent information and click to send the information.

Also, does the web site offer a telephone and/or address for correspondence? If you can find them, they are much more likely to be legitimate.

Hi jojo50,

I’m Nick and I work for JA. I want to thank you for your interest in our site. I’d like to clarify a few things so you know that you can use our service with confidence.

We take the privacy and security of our customer?s credit card information very seriously. Your credit card information is stored with the highest level of encryption (128 bit SSL) on our website and is never shared with other companies. Our company also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

If you have any other questions please let me know so I can connect you with our Customer Support team. Thank you!

  • Nick

Hi gingersnap,

I?m very sorry to hear about your experience with our site. I?m Nick and I work for JA.

I’d like to make sure you receive a refund. Please share your JA username or email address and I will have Customer Support contact you directly. Of course, you may reach us anytime through the Contact Us link on our Help page. Our Customer Support team is available 24/7 to help.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do. We?re here to help and we?ll work with you until you?re satisfied.

  • Nick