Is there a way that can benifit when I order parts?

I thought that Rock Auto was a sponser of the show, so if I get stuff now-a-days from them will Car Talk get anything? I can’t find a link for that to happen. Thanks all.

Are you under the impression that the show is still in production ? It has been reruns for years and not many stations are even running reruns.

There seems that some time ago it was mentioned that advertisers paid a monthly set fee to have their adds on the site .
@cdaquila This question is more in your area.

I know the show is not in production, that is why I was asking about I did not know if the site had any links to outside companies that would give some revenue to the site off of what I ordered. Just wanted to make sure before I order.

Hi @levbron. Thank you for your question. I’m not aware of any affiliate link program, but I have sent along your question just to be sure.

Update: Car Talk gets no money from any advertisers on the site, as confirmed by Senior Web Lackey Doug.

Okey Dokey. Thanks.

(Still love them both)

Both? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Tom & Ray?
Carolyn & Doug?
Rock Auto & Car Talk?
Mickey & Minnie?
Simon & Garfunkel?
Penn & Teller?
Sonny &Cher?
Captain & Tennille?
CSA :palm_tree::sunglasses::palm_tree:

I hope so. Hopefully another revenue stream will stop the continuous “partnerships” and advertisements that have proliferated these past few years.


Huh? then why do you carry ads? Somebody gets money from the ads.

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Are you sure you don’t want to check with your business office and rethink that answer?
The money to operate the site has to come from somewhere. If not the advertisers, where?

And I have no problem with that. That’s the way business works.

I do not suspect, however, that purchases from any particular advertiser or partner directly affect the revenue stream from the advertiser to CarTalk. That would be an unusual arrangement. Probably not unprecedented, but unusual. In short, the OP’s purchases are unlikely to affect revenues from Rock Auto.

Yes. Of course Car Talk receives advertising funds. Pardon my imprecise wording. But I’m glad you seem to know what I was getting at.

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LOL, I figured as much.
I wish I had a dollar for every misstatement I’ve made. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: