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Killed my question already

just suggested mandatory ASE certs for this site.???

only for answers,died fast whew!!! guys are fast.

You have a lot to learn Mr. Troll…

just trying to give actual answers,to prob veh.and yet my techs a butcher still remains.(not too much too learn about corp policies,he who gets paid from corp,will always side on the corps,he has no other is a great motivational factor.I did just fall off the truck and ate all the apples.this site would be great if you broke it into prof,side and humour side.very quick though I must say,keep the troll to yourselves.

Truthfully, mmsamma, I never reply to any of your posts or to your responses to other people’s posts because I have an extremely difficult time figuring out what you are attempting to communicate. Being cryptic is one thing, but your posts go beyond cryptic, IMHO.

What in H-E-double hockey sticks is this all about?

There are sites which have, alledgedly, have ASE mechanics respond to all questions. They charge $.

Mandatory ASE certifications are a bad idea. Sometimes good answers come from people who have had the same problem and sometimes they come from experienced enthusiasts. Besides, isn’t an answer from a mechanical engineer worth as much as (or more than) an answer from an ASE certified mechanic?

You pay for it, and maybe I’ll get it.

The poster can get his/her desire for mandatory ASE certified techs to help him/her. All he/she has to do is go to the local garage, check for patches, and pay the $125/hr shop time.

For those who appreciate well-meaning people willing to try to help for free out of the goodness of their character, we’re here.

I’m going to hazard a guess that mmsamma IS an ASE certified tech (at least in some specialties). But I’m a bit confused about this thread- it’s labeled “CAR TALK ASKS:”, not as coming from a “civilian”.

Was wondering about that too…this forum software becomes more and more odd…

You may be right. In that case I’d have to suggest that the request to limit the posts to only ASE certified techs is pompous. And a great disrespect to all the good folks here who don’t have ASE certs but still try to help others.

i respectfully disagree that response posts should be limited to ASE certified techs for the following reason.

holding an ASE ticket (or a handful of them) is no guarantee that the ASE tech is really competent in that area. it may only mean they’re knowledgeable enough to pass the test or they passed based on making enough lucky guesses on the multiple choice questions.

i personally know several life-long techs who are in my estimation some of the most proficient mechanics anywhere but are not ASE cert. because they just have issues with written exams.
i also know several that are ASE cert. and i would not trust them with anything deeper than a common brake job.

guess the analogy i could use would be the kid who beat out my youngest son for valedictorian some years ago (by a measly .03 of a point).
this kid is very smart, aced the ACT test, offered a full ride at MIT and a Rhodes scholarship, and barely knows his left hand from the right. even his own mother says common sense and academic achievement does not mesh well in his case.
this kid cannot even change his own oil (and raised on the farm too!) but i would wager that he could pass any ASE test presented to him.

i also think a lot of valuable input would be kept out of the discussion and every little bit helps because even the finest ASE cert. techs get curve balls thrown at them all of the time. jmho.

I agree with you totally ok. When I worked for GM, about 90% of the guys in the shop were not ASE certified. I’m not. Never even seen an ASE test or study manual. Most every tech I worked with were excellent techs. To me, ASE means nothing special. I, personally have owned and operated my own shop for the past 13 years, I stay busy running anywhere from 5-10 units behind at any given time, have city and county contracts not to mention private business contracts. Now tell me, what will that ASE cert do for me??? I know many other techs who are not ASE certified but are awesome techs and I also personally know ASE certified techs who are not as good as the non certs.


since i quit working for dealers some years ago i’ve allowed my certifications to expire. the only reason i ever even attempted the tests was because of a promised jump in the pay scale upon passing the tests.
same thing with factory certification.

those testing fees do nothing more than provide a good salary and expense account for the ASE management and provides the dealer or shop with a bit of pr.
customers see that ASE sign dangling there and instantly assume that everything is top notch; much like the public has bought into the “clean CarFax” reports.

all of my ASE certificates, service school diplmas/certificates, etc. are all piled in a box in the attic.

This translates to many walks of life, particularly the IT/IS fields. You can have certs up the wazoo, but companies are starting to realize, if you don’t have a good education and/or work history, your certifications are nothing special.

Obviously the ASE certification is a false hope indicating an expectation of professionalism and experience.

One trip to diffy lube and seeing all the ASE certificates up on the wall lets ME know just how important the certification is.

Unfortunately ASE certified has nothing to do with grammar, proper English or actual sentences that make sense. how about THAT for a requirement to post responses?

i hope this comment about grammar, punctuation, and clipped sentences is not directed at me.
normally I do clip sentences, etc. in an effort to shorten the word count.

i just went through a major shoulder surgery a bit over a week ago in which the docs discovered it was far worse than the x-rays and MRIs showed.
so for the moment I sit with not one but four incisions, countless staples, and a bulky immobilizer.
all of my keyboard work is being done by poking keys with a pencil eraser so clipped sentences, typos, lack of capitilization or punctuation, etc. is the norm since the right hand is deadwood and the left is a bit iffy for the time being.

“By their works ye shall know them.” Some good mechanics have ASE certification. Some good mechanics have no ASE certification. How can one tell which one is a good mechanic? By his works?