If Car Talk offered a TSB service

My question, if Car Talk offered a way to view TSB’s (and I mean all the way up to 2011) would you pay a monthly fee? I would certainly pay perhaps 10-15.00 per month,something like a “Preminum Member”.

I made that comment about “all the way up too 2011” because the site I go to now through my school (EBSCO) really tapers off with the TSB’s when the cars get real new. Quite a few pages with a “file not found” message.EBSCO really falls off with the coverage for new BMW’s also,very poor coverage.

So with the Car Talk people doing a major make over perhaps they offer preminum services, with TSB’s and maybe even full on repair procedures. Sure it would be nice to get this for free but I don’t think that is possible. Do you guys see a potential for conflict with paid advertisers on the site (lke the “speak to a mechanic people”?)

Hi Old School,

Thanks for sharing that thought. As it turns out, this past week I opened up a discussion with EBSCO via a mutual contact, to explore the idea of some kind of partnership. We’ll see if they’re interested! I’d like to explore a range of possibilities, from sharing some data in exchange for some visibility for EBSCO, to the idea of a premium-level membership for individuals, etc. We’ll see if they’re interested.

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Doug Mayer
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Why pay a monthly fee of $10.00-$15.00 for this information when one could subscribe to something like this http://www.eautorepair.net/Marketing/Default.asp for only $10.50 per year? Not only does one have access to TSB’s/recalls, but also to repair procedures with illustrations, wiring diagrams, diagnostics and repair, and maintenance procedures/schedules.


Man, that sounded good ($10.50/year)…turns out that’s for one week. Per year it’s $30 per car. Still not bad at all for individuals, but not for someone that wants to work on multiple cars.

Or get free TSB’s here http://www.allworldauto.com/tsbs/


It is great to get the fact that thses sources exist out to the general public. OK now we have shown where the info is I hope the posts we recive have a "I have viewed what is available at site “abc” but I still have a question about doing yyy. Can you guys explain a little better about what is ment concerning what I read at “abc”.

My interest in having a link on the Car Talk page involves the ease of operation. If I read a post here and want to check out what EBSCO says I must log in to school to get to EBSCO. EBSCO does offer more than one car also. I think we will still have people not so sure about what they read (try making sense out of a BMW TSB, if you are not used to the format they can be confusing)so I don’t think we will be out of a job if Car Talk has a TSB/repair link, as people will want us to elaborate on what they read.

Sure I can see the objection to a monthly rate but it would not bother me personaly(espically if EBSCO improved with the "file not found’ message that comes up much to much.

I always wanted members to either as a group or individualy create a "overview’ type paper on each of the systems on a car. I would like to see in these overviews an emphasis on just what is possible for the person to do at home and for us to present all the hard earned knowledge of what gets complicated when an attempt to do certain repairs are made at home and what should not really be attempted at home.Who wants to write the “AC basics” paper or the “drivability basics paper” or the "electrical basics paper’? It would be good if people could have these theory of operation type documents to read.

Most of all I want Car talk to maintain its informal atmosphere. What I mean is, lets still answer posts when they are all messed up. At some sites you are soundly rejected if you post without first following certain “before posting actions”, I don’t really go for that.

The http://www.allworldauto.com/tsbs/ site only provides the TSB titles.
Did I miss the TSB content somewhere?

I got to summary content by clicking on the link presented, like this, for example:

I don’t believe that is the full TSB but only a summary. The full TSB would include how to troubleshoot and repair and any updated parts etc. needed.