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Jump on the deal or not

There’s a 2008 (new) Mustang Bullit on the lot at the local Ford place. MSRP is about $33k which is absurd. I inquired about this car a few monthes ago. They were not willing to come off sticker price for it at the time, so I told them to call me in a few months and see what we could work out then (I had a feeling that they were not going to be able so sell it for MSRP).

Surely enough, last Saturday I get a call asking if I was still intrested in the car. I told then that it depends on what kind of deal they have to offer. The quoted me $27.5k over the phone, which is more reasonable. I told them if they could make that $27.5k out the door (tax/title/etc) I would consider it.

The salesguy says that he’ll have to check with the Sales Manager. He calls me back about 20 minutes later and says he can do $27750 out the door. Which is still quite reasonable IMO. I told him I would mull it over and get back to him.

The thing is, I really don’t need another car. I already have two. But I do want that Bullit. I would pay for it in cash, it wouldn’t be a financial burden for me to do so. I also would not be trading in my current Mustang (have too much money in aftermarket equipment invested in it Vs. trade-in value) or my Bronco (with almost 200k on the clock it’s not worth much, and I like the full-sized two door SUVs). So I’m asking for opinions here on if I should pursue this any futher.

I Went To See The Movie When It Was First Out. A Friend At The Time Had A 289 HiPer. I spent a lot of time riding around in it.

I remember getting a glimpse of this retro. They seem to have really captured the character of the car. FoDaddy, is there any chance a car like this can have its value kept up by being a sought after “collector car” or would you just keep it and drive it forever, without a concern for that?

Have you checked on slightly used ones to get an idea of what you could do going that route? Is this new one cheaper than a used one?

Tell them $27,000 out the door. Or even $26,500. They’ll take it, and you still will have been able to get the car for less.

The 2010 Mustang GT is going to have the Bullit package for the base price, so the '08 Bullit won’t be “special” for very much longer.

Whatever you do, don’t go below your original offer of $27,500 out the door. I think that’s overly generous on your part. You certainly shouldn’t pay a dime more.

It’ll be worth $20K the minute you drive it off the lot.

They’re DESPERATE to sell anything right now, and nobody’s buying. Beat them down as low as you can. It’s your money.

Comeon man, you know you want to see that shaker scoop rocking back and forth when you are bangin’ upshifts at full throttle.

That is… if you really have the means. $27 thou is getting harder to come by these days.

But yeah, make sure they know you have cash, they like cash.

I think you should go for it, although I would have low-balled the salesman more.

I just made a similar deal last week. I was looking at a used 2003 Honda Nighthawk 750 motorcycle with 6,200 miles on it. Sticker price was $3,999 ($4,999 with tax, title, dealer prep, etc.). I offered $3,500 out the door. They came back with $3,800 and I accepted.

I kind of worry about making such a purchase in this economy, but I feel good about my job security and it was one heck of a deal.

Based on what I have been seeing and hearing, you might be able to get your dream machine for less. Tell the salesman he is offering a satisfactory deal, but it isn’t good enough that you can’t say “no.” Tell him in order for you to buy this car, it will have to be such a good deal you can’t reasonably refuse. They are desperate to sell cars these days and you can use that to leverage a better deal.

Cheap as the price is, I don’t see how you can avoid buying it. Seems like a ready-made classic right now.

Edmunds says that a Mustang Bullit with only the active anti-theft alarm is worth $29,735 (‘what others are paying’) before the $2000 rebate. So, $27,750 with taxes, tags, and title is pretty good. I’d buy it at their recent offer if one last chance at a discount doesn’t work. If taxes, etc. add 7% to the purchase price, the Edmunds average out the door is $29,816.

It’s a good deal! Grab it!

P.S. If you don’t spend it wisely on a nice ride like this, what are you going to waste it on? :wink:

Thanks a lot - making me think yet again about getting a Bullit, that’s just the right combination of clean looks and power. And I like the current styling better than what’s coming. Have fun!

Thanks for the replys. I’ve decided to hold off until the 2011 models arrive, supposedly they will be new engines availible at that point. A 350hp+ 5.0 DOHC V8, a 400+ hp 6.2L DOHC V8, and a twin turbo V6.

The dealership called back and were willing to go as low as $26.5 out the door. But with the new engines just over the horizon I just couldn’t pull the trigger. I did refer a co-worker who is also looking for a new toy to them, and he may very well end up with the Bullitt.

I would not expect such a good deal in 2011. By then, the economy will probably be in recovery and Ford will probably be sitting pretty as the sole US auto manufacturer.

I understand that, but if I invest the cash I was going to plunk down on the 2008 wisely, I could easily afford it.