Bullitt Mustang sells sells

For $3,400,000, and boy, is it ugly. Dents all over and missing paint. Definitely in survivor condition. At least the glass was intact. The new owner wasn’t disclosed, as it was a phone bidder. The sale occurred at the Mecum auction in Kissimmee, FL. The last owner bought it for $3500. That’s about a 1000x increase in value.

You’ve got me in the mood for a DVD car chase movie.

Gone in 60 Seconds?

Any others, especially newer ones, I should consider? Right now I’m thinking the Nicolaus Cage one, Gone in 60 Seconds. Is there a Gone in 60 Seconds II?

Does “Duel” make the list?

Speaking of “Duel” . . .

At the risk of offending somebody, I think that TODAY it’s more palatable to watch “Duel” versus “Bullitt”

I realize back in its day “Bullitt” may have been the best thing since sliced bread, but I’m not talking about any impact a movie made when it was new

I’m talking about watching those movies right now

It would be on my list :+1:

The car that just sold . . . is it the one that Steve McQueen tried to buy, but the owner at the time was adamant about keeping it.

For you airplane buffs, something similar happened to Cliff Robertson, who was apparently big time into aircraft.

He starred in that movie “633 Squadron” which featured Mosquitos, and he apparently was rebuffed when he wanted to buy one of them

I’d rather have the Mosquito. Way, way cooler than the Mustang.

“Ronin” has an excellent chase scene in it as well.

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What was interesting about “Ronin” was that one of the cars was quite old at the time

I think there was a Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9 . . . which would have been at least 15yrs old at the time

But it was a beast . . .

The previous owner bought it for his wife, a third grade school teacher, to drive back and forth to work. She just considered it a “used car”. He and his son did some restoration on it, then put it in a barn for 35 years.

It must have been Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride to school. The car has several dents above the door on the roof.

I definitely like the tv-movie Duel. It’s a classic. One of Steven Spielberg’s first offerings as I recall. Yes, definitely on the list. But I got to looking at the summary for @FoDaddy 's recommendation above – Ronin — and it looks pretty good. Plus I’m seen all the others before. So Ronin it is.