How much should i sell my 87 mustang coupe

i dont really wanna sell the car unless i have to the only thing wrong with it is the blinker and heat dont function properly theres a little rust not alot at all no holes it has replica cobra chorme rims starts and runs good but how much should i sell it for if i have to

Slick, Find Out What The Salvage Value Is In Your Locale Before You Try Selling It. Make Sure Not To Take Less Than Salvage Value. Also, You Can Use It To Justify A Higher Selling Price.


Which motor? Manual or Auto? Mileage?

Others will probably be along with book values, but just as an obsessive reader of the used car ads, I think that unless it’s a convertible or in really exceptional shape, the car is probably not going to fetch much-- maybe $1,500 or so on the high end, maybe a little more if it’s a 5.0. The fox-bodies have kind of a cult following among performance types, but they never really caught the imagination of the general public like the earlier and later 'stangs.

I think you’ll get more value out of it if you keep enjoying it.