How to price my mustang

Hey guys I just bought a mustang 2006 v6 manual transmission and it has 75k miles on it. I’m trying to sell it on craigslist in the Sacramento area for a good price. It has a salvage title. It also comes with a JBL MKI 15" sub and has kickers in all the speakers. What would be a good price to set it at?

You’re selling it so quick? Salvage title scares most buyers off so the price would have to be on the lower end of the market.

“Salvage title” typically means about a 50% discount from what it would otherwise sell for. Go to something like to estimate that price.

Sell it for what you just paid? That’s its value? Don’t you think?

@Bang3410 .If you bought this Mustang to make a quick profit…it’s not going to happen. It has too many “red flags” for the majority of buyers out there.

I bought it at 5k including all taxes and fees mustangs with clean titles have sold in sac at 100-120k at 8-9500k.

Edmunds gave me a price of 7.7k private. What would then be a good price. The frame was pulled near the trunk out, it has a new rear bumper and is painted and blended into the current paint

you dont have to tell next buyer your life story. if you can get car at auction for cheap, than fine. most ordinary folks cant buy cars at auctions. if you think you can find someone to pay close to retail for a salvage car, than go for it. if you ask 8k and tell buyer it is salvage and they say fine, go ahead. or lower your price if you get no bites. thats life

And forget about the JBL MKI 15" sub with kickers in all the speakers. Don’t even mention them. That’s more likely to drive away buyers than to increase the selling price. That money is totally, completely, forever gone.

Go to eBay Motors and do a search for 2006 Mustangs for sale. On the left there will be a notation for “Completed Listings”. Click that and peruse the ones in green as those are the ones that actually sold. That will give you more of a real world feel for what the cars will bring.

That Salvage Title will ding the car hard though and it will be worth about half. Even if the car is mechanically sound the perception behind the title will hurt the value.
And high end stereos add very little if any actual value to a car.

Retail is about $10k, Trade in value is about $7k (per NADA), which means a private party selling price would be around the $8k-$9k range. The salvage title is going to kill the value especially well, because the car is so common and there will many others on the market. So IMHO a reasonable selling price would be in the $5k-$6k range.

why dont you ask your insurance co how much coverage they will give you on your salvage car? your ins co knows what a salvage car is worth. just make sure you tell next buyer whats up

When you list the car, make sure you PROMINENTLY state the car has a salvage title

Wouldn’t want anybody to show up to your house to see the car, only to walk away angry, because it wasn’t crystal clear ahead of time

I have noticed that many craigslist ads mention the salvage title somewhere in the middle of a paragraph, practically buried. That’s not the way to go about it

Like the others said, price it well below what a similar car with a clean title would sell for. I don’t mean price it $500 below. I mean price it a few thousand below.

And just for the record, the agencies that put a value on cars (kelleys blue book, edmunds, etc.) consider any car with a bad title to be in poor condition, as far as pricing goes

I’m not trying to bust anybody’s chops here. I’m just telling it like it is