Bullitt Mustang

I want one.

Actually I’d like a Retro-mod of the original. But I’ll settle for this.

They misspelled it. There should be an “sh” after the second “l” and there’s one too many "t"s.
This bears no more resemblance to the movie car than an F-18 does to a P-51.

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True…but I still want one.

True, better in every way. That’s one thing (besides the money/space/time/etc) that keeps me from getting an old Mustang. My first car was a '65 rustbucket. As much fun as getting a nice one would be, I’d probably end up spending as much as for a new one, which would be a much better/faster/safer car. Too much logic, I know…

This was on the internet this morning.

I’m kind of glad to hear the dad declined all offers, in favor of keeping the car in the family

He must have had a very firm personality. I suspect many others would have caved in at some point

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When it hits production, I hope they at least put the Ford emblem on the grill.

I think the only emblem on the car will be the gas cap. I like it too, and if I wasn’t such a cheapskate, I’d think about buying one.

Ford did another Bullitt tribute a few years ago, 2012?, still would like to have one.

Looking forward to buying a ranger, does not look like a manual trans will be an option :frowning:

They did one in 2001 and then again in 2008. In each case the formula is pretty simple. Mild upgrades over the GT model, 10-15 more HP with a similar boost in torque, better brakes, upgraded struts/shocks, understated styling changes, and deep highland green paint (black paint was an option for the 2001 model).

friend has a 01-02 bullitt? 4.6 motor? it seems so “old” now. not as bad as 96 vintage models with the 3.8 v6 but close

Yes, it used the same SOHC 4.6L as the GT of that era. The differences were that the Bullitt got a unique intake manifold with twin-bore throttle bodies, and a less restrictive exhaust. Official power numbers are sketchy, with Ford only saying that the Bullitt had 5 more HP than the GT, but a fatter torque curve. Most suspect that the 265 HP figure was conservative.

The 3.8L was the base Mustang engine until 2004 when a slightly stroked 3.9L variant was used for the late 2004 base Mustangs. The 1999 Mustangs got the split-port head which yielded a 40+ HP gain and helped quell the head gasket problems that the engine has been known for.

Looks like the new Bullitt will be on an episode of Jay Leno’s garage.

in 2-3 yrs the turbo 4 mustangs will start showing up at lease ends. wonder how the resale will go with them? i think the svo mustangs are hanging in there for resale. i can only recall seeing 1 turbo gt for sale in the last 5 yrs. funny how ford had both models as they were quite different

My brother owned a 80’s 4-cylinder Mustang. Basically a rebadged Pinto.

What turbo gt? I didn’t think they ever made one. Do you mean the SVO?

We have a 2015 Mustang Ecoboost on the lot, 45,000 miles, $18,000.

The late model GTs that I have seen here are close to $30,000.

Before the SVO was a thing they had the Turbo GT, similar engine as the SVO (2.3L Turbo) The carbureted turbo 2.3L was not very reliable. The SVO had a fuel injected 2.3L Turbo which was significantly more powerful, but had modern electronic controls, which helped the reliability. I haven’t seen a Turbo GT in the wild, ever. The SVO has been appreciating decently in the last decade or so, I knew a guy who had a 1986 SVO in high school ( friend of my younger brother). He didn’t think his car was particularly desirable or special in any way. He bought the car for $3000 in 2000/2001. He sold it when he went to college, today it would be worth four times what he paid for it. They are pretty hard to come by today.

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Here’s the original movie car and the new one: