How much should i sell my car for

i have an 87 mustang that i dont really want to sell but i might not have the funds to get it to pass inspection the mustang is a coupe and the only thing wrong with it is that it has problems with the blinker and heat has a little rust but over all the car is in really good shape for the age also has nock off cobra chrome rims

Buy a copy of Hemmings Motor News, the premier publication for selling old and classic cars.
By comparing your car to the many Mustang classified ads in Hemmings, you will get some realistic ideas regarding a price point for the sale of the car.

Hemmings Motor News is available at Barnes & Noble and at Borders Books.

Slick, Find Out What The Salvage Value Is In Your Locale Before You Try Selling It. Make Sure Not To Take Less Than Salvage Value. Also, You Can Use It To Justify A Higher Selling Price.


I agree with VDCdriver above. Book values on cars like yours either don’t exist (at least not in realistic terms for 1987) or fall far short of the mark. Even with run-of-the-mill cars like old Subarus from the early 90s, high book value can fall short of what people are willing to pay. Hemmings is for sure the one place for your research. And google up a bunch of sell offers for 87 Mustangs while you’re at it.

You might get about $500 for it, but probably less since it has problems. But you didn’t tell us what engine or what options it has on it. Or the mileage.