Jeep Wrangler Windshield Crack

2010 wrangler developed L-shaped crack in windshield after turning on defroster for first time since owning it. no noticeable chip or crack prior. defective? what’s up?

The operative word here is “noticable”. It probably had an unnoticable chip that propogated. Windshields are often loaded with tiny chips after a year of commuting.

i have heard that it is a problem with jeep windshields - never had this problem with any other make of car, in our combined 50 years of car ownership. did the pen test, nothing noted. a chip that is so insignificant as to be unnoticeable should not develop into a major crack, no?

Not usually, but apparently this one did. In modern vehicles the windshield is used as a structural member of the unibody. Perhaps Jeep is using them a bit more than most. Perhaps they’re designing the bodys to transmit more of the stresses to the windshield than most vehicles.

Any other Jeep owners, or forum regulars seeing this on Jeeps?