2020 Jeep Gladiator - Windshield woes

I have replaced 4 windshields in 1.5 years where the windshield cracks in the middle of the windshield while sitting at a stop light or sitting getting gas, always sitting, no impacts to the windshield, and it will start cracking from the middle of the windshield from the frame, it will crack up from the frame about 2 to 4 inches and then turn and go to the left of the windshield and will crack all the way across. I have not had any impacts, no rocks or anything hit the windshield for it to keep cracking in the same spot and cracking exactly the same every time. there is some issue with the frame of the gladiator, because the windsields being installed are Mopar Jeep windshields and should not be having these issues!!!

If it is always starting in the same place its probably, something with the frame or where the frame meets the cowl. They should be looking at that not just replacing glass. It is a Jeep, might as well start building a relationship with the service and parts guys anyways.

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Thank you for your response, I appreciate it!!! I think there is an issue with the frame as well, I appreciate the input about where the frame meets the cowl, that is helpful!


Be sure to ask your insurance company if they’ll cover the replacement cost. Policies which include “comprehensive coverage” generally cover window/windshield replacement.

Make sure the replacement method uses the correct methods and materials. Might want to purchase oem versions at Jeep Dealership next time. Particularly any rubber materials. Since it starts in the middle, is there anything suspicious looking in that area near to or on the windshield? Maybe the rear view mirror?

Maybe some dimension of the windshield frame opening isn’t what it is supposed to measure? Ask shop to check.

Might be time to trade this vehicle for a newer or different model. You might want to avoid Jeep products. Some have gotten a bad case of the “Fiats” and no amount of “Stellantis” can cure that!

Life is too short to deal with this stuff.


A good body shop might better be able to identify any body weak points. If insurance has been paying, might not want to submit any more claims for fear of being canceled.

No, there was no impact marks, nothing seen that could have made the crack happen. The last windshield was replaced 4 months ago and the installers looked over the glass that they took out and could not find any marks on that glass. The glass just cracks every time in the middle of the frame. The crack comes up from the frame about 2 to 4 inches and then will turn and crack to the right or the left side, all the way to the end. I have had all of the installers use Jeep windshields and they had stated they were taking extra care installing, knowing the issues with the middle of the glass and frame. I have used 2 different installers, had them do the replacement in their shops and every single windshield that cracks will start in the middle from the frame. I have been taking pictures of the windshields with the cracks coming from the frame, I have glass companies seeing that there were no nicks or chips, that could have started off the cracking, etc…I have been documenting and keeping track of how many windshields crack from the frame. I took my truck to the dealership today, and they directed me to a reputable body shop to get an opinion and estimate, where the body shop recommended that the frame be replaced. My truck is a stock truck and the front frame, that the windshield is in, you can take that whole piece off. The body shop felt that with 5 cracked windshields in the past 1.5 years, and how they are not seeing anything in the windhsield to cause the cracking from the frame, they think there has to be a flaw in the middle of the frame, just enough of a dip or warp, to keep cracking the windshields. The body shop gave me an estimate and then I was directed by the dealership to call the corporate phone number and let them know what keeps happening. After I spoke with corporate customer service, they created case number and directed me to go back to the body shop and work with them, where the body shop and the dealership would resolve my windshield issue, by working with corporate Chrysler Jeep. I am basically the 3rd party, to this repair process, as the body shop and the dealership gets this process going. The dealership called me back today to say, that as soon as they get the go ahead from Chrysler Jeep Corporate, they will give me a call to set up the new windshield frame install. Corporate Chrysler Jeep, so far has is working on this, but I am having a hard time getting anywhere with getting the work done, and hard time getting connected with the person assigned to my case. I have been calling and all they people at Corporate let me do is leave messages. I have been taking pictures, getting professional opinions, etc… as I have been replacing these windshields, now this one makes 6 windshields that have cracked from the bottom of the frame of the windshield.

I am going to call again, as this has been several weeks and no one from corporate has returned my calls to tell me what the status is of getting my truck fixed.


Concur, best bet imo is to go with the presumed-frame-defect theory. With a replacement windshield frame, hopefully the glass install will go smoothly resulting in a much longer lasting crack-free windshield. Frustrating experience, but every once in a while difficult to diagnose problems like this occur. We all know that replacing a part when there is no evidence of a problem with it seems suspect; but remember what Sherlock Holmes said, to paraphrase: After all the likely culprits have been eliminated , whatever remains, however improbable …

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Had to find it again but on an episode of Fantom Works they had multiple new windshields crack on a 1969 Chevy K20 and found part of the windshield frame was just bent enough to cause the problem. That one was a fairly easy fix and may not be exactly what’s going on here.

You didn’t get the “Jeep Owners Starter Kit”? The AAA car will come in handy also.


I got to wondering what I’d do if I had the same problem w/my truck; decided I’d remove the windshield frame, measure the dimensions, check flatness/straightness, if everything checked out ok I’d reinstall the original frame, being careful to tighten the fasteners equally all the way around, in rounds; i.e. working around 3 times, each time increasing tightness a little. Problem may not be with the frame itself, but the way the frame was attached to the rest of the Jeep, improper fastener tightening method made it slightly cock-eyed.

Isn’t your Ford truck’s windshield frame integrated into the cab? Where are the fasteners?

I don’t know, never had to do anything with windshield frame.

I thought you were the windshield expert, you replied 3 times.

Gladiator fold down windshield;


You could have stopped after you wrote ( I don’t know ) .

Is there a requirement here to be a technical expert on the problem before replying? Isn’t this an opinion forum?

At any rate this will not resolve easily imho. Either the window frame itself is sprung a little or maybe a weld or two missed on the pillars, or the unibody is flexing. I assume it’s an integrated roof and pillars and lower channel. If any of it was off a little in the welding jig, I could see that would cause a problem. How to determine and fix would take great skill.

In post # 7 the OP stated that the windshield frame will be replaced, it bolts on.

Well that’s better. No welding or cutting required.