Cracked Windshields

I buy a new vehicle every eight to ten years whether I need to or not. Currently I have a 2006 Nissan Frontier pickup. Over the course of the past forty years, I?ve replaced about three windshields due to cracks. Until I got this Nissan. I am about to replace the windshield for the fourth time. Driving conditions have been relatively similar over my tenure on the road. Question: Is there something specific about the architecture of the Nissan; are windshields getting thinner and more fragile; or am I just somehow getting lucky?


Rocklin, (no joke) California

No disrespect intended, but would it help to leave more room between you and the vehicle in front of you?

Good point, however, I always attempt to keep three to four seconds between me and the guy in front. Latest crack happened last night when nobody was even close. Might have been due to an on-coming passing car…

3-4 seconds should be enough.

Heva you tried one of those leading-edge (hood) wind deflectors?

Excellent idea. Being a “leading edge,” albiet old, kinda guy, I shoulda thought of that. Thanks.

Some vehicles do seem more likely to get cracks. Scion xB’s are famous for it. I don’t know about Frontiers…

I hope it works for you. We old kinda guys need to stick together!
Happy motoring.

Might be the truck? My neighbor has a 01 Frontier and has replaced at least two.

Your own tires can pick up rocks and throw them at the windshield. I had that happen with no other traffic. If you get a bug shield, some of them make the rock situation worse. Mine used to make rocks kick up and slam onto the windshield. It was a high deflector on an 87 Mazda pickup. It also kept the vent intake from getting air. I had to keep the fan on the highest settings to get any air flow into the truck.

Maybe there’s something with vehicle where it’s twisting that’s causing the cracks. The other thing…is who’s doing the replacement. I’ve seen places that have done shoddy window replacement and it caused it to crack just months later.

Is the crack starting from the edge or in the middle? Is there a chip from something actually hitting it and starting the crack? If it’s starting at the edge with no chip, I’m just wondering if there could be something wrong with the frame that it sits in that’s putting pressure on the edge.

Agreed… if the place that replaces it is not careful, they can damage the edge of the glass, eventually leading to cracks.

The “injuries” are never at the edge of the glass field - always somewhere in the middle. Last one I had filled - but it’s only been three weeks and now I have another crack in a completely different place.

My nephew, who has blackened fingernails, says that, in an effort to make cars lighter, windshields are now thinner than they once were.

Thanks for this heads up on the bug protector.

The glass guy(s) are from reputable firms endorsed by AAA.

So I guess I’m wondering - has the quality of glass declined over the past several years, much like the quality of my knees and eyesight? Right now, I’m concerned that I may be taking advantage of the good nature of my insurance company.