2023 Jeep Cherokee -Inside windshield cracks

My winshield has developed 2 seperate cracks but they are on the inside of the windshield. You cannot feel it on the outside. What would cause this

Asked the dealership in as much as a 2023 is under warranty. It might be a known defect on the 2023 models.
Post back with their answer.

Do the cracks start at the edge or in the middle?


Some models of vehicles are more prone to this due to errors in design and/or production: AFAIK the early Toyota Previa vans, for example. Body flexing can be a factor.

Yes, bring this to the dealer’s attention and keep notes and all your paperwork in case you decide to bring it up to Jeep corporate level.

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This appears to be an unusual problem for the Cherokee. Jeep had windshield crack problems in this generation from 2014-2017, but none since then. The early generation problems were rare, but did occur. There are no windshield complaints or manufacturer’s bulletins for windshield problems on the 2014 model at the NHTSA website. I didn’t check later years, and all Cherokees since then are the same generation.

My vehicle is a 2014


The thread title states that it is a 2023 model, and at least one forum member gave a response specific to a 2023 model under warranty. I suggest that you change the title of your thread to reflect the actual model year.

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The heading on your original post says 2023 . With a 8 year old vehicle just have the windshield replaced and see if you have glass coverage on your insurance.


2014? Well, lots of possibilities for cause of windshield cracks. Too rapid heat changes are a frequent cause. Years ago my dad had the idea of directing an electric heater blasting hot air at the windshild on his truck so he didn’t need to scrape the ice of in the morning. True, he didn’t need to scrape the ice, but he did need to get the windshield replaced …lol …

Suggest that’s your best course, just have the windshield replaced. Ask your insurance company, many auto policies (especially if they include comprehensive) will cover the cost of windshield replacement. Even if you have to pay the entire cost, still you’ll have a new and clear windshield, and have all new sealing material, so it won’t leak for a long, long time. Not the worse problem in other words.