2020 Ford Escape - Windshield issue

I have a 2020 Ford Escape. I bought the car new and have had it about 1 1/2 yrs. In this time I have had to replace the windshield 3 times! The cracks are always caused by a chip from rocks/gravel being thrown up by other vehicles. Why the heck does the window crack so easily?

If it is starting from a chip or crack in the center of the windshield this is most likely due to the angle of the windshield itself. Jeep Wranglers have also been known to have easily damaged windshields as the orientation of the windshield is close to vertical.

If however the windshield is cracking from the outside it may be possible there is a metal contact with the windshield. This is rare but does happen, you would need to get the glass person to inspect for contacting areas of the windshield when it is removed.

Maybe, just maybe you should not follow other vehicles so closely? Are you allowing 2 seconds between you and the vehicle in front of you?


It’s made of tempered glass.

It takes nothing to crack tempered glass.


I’m not aware of any ongoing problem w/Ford windshields. What with the various sensors which are part of or use the windshield, it can make replacing them quite expensive these days. About the only thing you can do is make sure whoever is replacing the windshield is following Ford’s replacement procedure, using the recommended materials and methods. Ask your insurance agent about this also. they may be aware of something unique about Ford products, or they may be able to suggest a change in your coverage so you get close to 100% reimbursement if it happens again.

My 30 year old Corolla still has the original windshield, my 50 year old truck had the orignal replaced at 10 years; the first wasn’t cracked . It got pitted in a severe dust storm in Arizona.