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Windscreen cracked in exactly the same place

I have a 99 cougar that has developed a 6 inch crack in the windscreen from the lower passenger corner towards the center. The annoying thing is that I had replaced a previous winsdscreen and the new crack is in exactly the same place. Coincidence? Or is there some sort of stress point that will cause the same crack if I get a third windscreen?

Q1. Not Likely. Q2. Likely.


Very possible. Has your car been in a serious accident? I think I would have it checked out by a good frame shop and make sure everything is straight. If not, that could be the problem Then again you could have just been unlucky twice.

Have you looked very closely to see if there’s a rock chip that started the crack? I’ve noticed that on some of my cars, they tend to accumulate small rock chips in the same areas which I presume has something to do with aerodynamics. This combined with maybe a somewhat bend body and/or a cheapo windshield could be the problem.

Car has not been involved in any accident minor or major and I see no real sign of rock chip damage. interesting idea about aerodynamics directling stone chips to the same location on the windscreen

One more thought…

Have you looked underneath at the condition of the chassis? This car has a “unibody” design, which means the body IS the chassis, and of it’s badly rotted, under the rocker panels for examplle, it could be flexing. The windshield is a part of the structure also, and it may be getting overstressed.

No offense meant, but I have no way of knowing the car’s condition from here.