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Jeep Liberty Leak From Dashboard

Hello Out There,
Following on the recent storm (Sandy) I got to my car and realized that water was leaking in from somewhere near the dashboard. Subsequently, it seems as if the electrical panel has been affected. Initially, whenever I pressed the brakes the back wiper of my Jeep Liberty (2003) would come on. That has subsequently stopped. However, now when I turn the car off the radio continues to play and I have to turn it off manually, the clock no longer goes off and the horn no long sounds when I turn on the alarm. I took it in they hooked it up and said they couldn’t see anything wrong with it. They had never seen the problem before, that they called the dealer and they had never heard of anything like that before. I have subsequently used sealant on where I think the leak originates but don’t think I was particularly successful. So the problems are how do I deal with the leak and what might possibly be causing the radio, alarm problem. I should also say that I was out of town for a few days right after the problem and when I came back the car would not start so apparently there is some kind of “parasitic drain” on the car but again no-one seems to know what, where, or why. Help!? Thank you.

The things you talk about having problems may be controlled by a body control module and it may be defective. If the wiring was submerged in water you could be in store for a lot of other problems later on and may need to replace the wiring. If you want to keep the car and try to fix these things yourself you should invest in a factory service manual and some test equipment so you can check things out. Any connections that have been exposed to water should be checked and cleaned. Clean any ground connections also.