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2009 Jeep Liberty, won't go

My son parked his new Jeep Liberty at the school house last night and 30 minutes later he decided to leave and the thing would not make a sound when he turned on the key. His dash lit up, the lights worked, and the radio worked. He called the number that Chrysler supplied him for emergency help and they sent out a tow truck. I haven’t heard anything today. Any ideas what is wrong??

By the way, the Liberty has 2700 miles on it. A 3.7 liter engine, Automatic, and everything on it.

“Any ideas what is wrong??”

It’s a Jeep.


That’s what I figured someone would say!!

Any long-distance speculation is just that…speculation.

Since the dealership will reject any customer-supplied diagnosis, just allow them to do their thing. Hopefully this is not a phantom problem and hopefully the dealership will be able to fix it on the first try.

And, tell your son to retain all documentation, just in case this turns into a Lemon Law situation.

Defective battery, bad starter, bad starter solenoid. Loose battery cable connection somewhere. The usual stuff, it just happens to be a newer car. Is it a 4 cylinder - maybe it is worn out already. Sorry couldn’t resist!

Just report everything that appears wrong or different. Don’t try to filter or interpret the data, just report it with no embellishment. They don’t care one bit what you, or we think it may be.

It is under warranty so let them do there thing and as noted, keep written records of what and when anything was done to support possible lemon law issues.

I would suggest this same advice for any car any problem any dealer as long as it is under warranty.

Well, guys, it was taken to the dealer, we had no intention of trying to fix it. They told him it was the WCM (wireless control module). They wouldn’t have the part 'til monday. Does this mean that the ECM is wireless? No wonder it failed.

from consumer report, this may help you:
Keyless entry: The engine may not crank (nor start) and the remote keyless entry may not work due to a damaged wireless control module in the vehicle caused by static electricity discharge when the key is inserted into the ignition. (2007-08)