2010 Jeep Liberty radio

2010 jeep liberty sport…radio just started to go on -then off-; all radio info is shown on screen, but no sound. I heard many are doing the same. What is this?

This is a 10 year old radio failing. Not surprising. Visit your local electronics store to see what might fit your car.

Let a local car stereo place take a look at it. The problem might be something relatively simple like a poor electrical connection. If it’s not, they can probably recommend and install a replacement.

Check the connections on the rear of the unit and make sure the connector for the speakers is making good connection and the connector is locked in place. If that is okay then the trouble is most likely internal and the cheapest and easiest fix would be to replace the unit with a used one from Ebay or a local salvage yard. There are places that can repair units like this but it will cost you.