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Swimming Pool in my Jeep Liberty!

Hi! I have a 2006 Jeep Liberty 4X4 Limited edition with a sunroof. Last year, after a hard rain, I went out to my car to find about 3 inches of water in the passenger side floorboard. I immediately took it to the Jeep Dealer, who told me that the sunroof was simply clogged with debris. They cleared out the channels and all the debris and said I would be good to go. Not so much. It’s a year later and after checking the heating coils, weather stripping, windshield, windows, etc, etc… It STILL FLOODS! The water comes ONLY through the screw that holds the sun visor in the roof. The roof of the car never gets wet. I have taken it to several body shops other that then Jeep dealer and no one has any clue. I now keep microfiber towels and a shop vac in my car at all times. I’m worried about the damage this will do to my car eventually, particularly in terms of the electrical parts of the car. HELP!!!

3 inches of water in the car after a hard rain! It must have been one heck of a rain or did you drive through a flooded arroyo? How was the leak after he dealer cleared out the sunroof a year ago? How is it that the roof doesn?t get wet but the screw that connects the visor to the roof gets wet?