Jeep leaks

i just bought a jeep liberty freedom edition and it leaks! i got about 4 inches of water on my passenger side floorboard last time it rained. I took my dash apart and found that it was wet at the back end, but when I pour water over the windshield I can find nothing wet on the inside. Please help!

The drain hose for your air conditioning might be clogged or bent.

Already spent 50 bucks on finding out it wasn’t the air con. Any other ideas? Anything will help. I really don’t want to have to take it to the dealership…I know that they will charge me and arm and a leg. Ugh!

What year is your jeep?

Even if it is not new if you JUST bought it the dealer should fix it on their dime.

Its a 2003 Liberty Freedom Edition. And I know, I just bought it about a month and a half ago. I got a super good deal…I think the leak may have been why they got rid of it so cheap. I didn’t buy it at a Jeep dealership. It was kind of a sketchy place. I think I will definitely call them tomorrow, and probably find out that I have been screwed over.