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Jaguar XJ6 A/C water slosh

The cold air from my Jag’s A/C system is distributed from a box below the radio. I seem to be getting a lot of condensation in there that accumulates to be a decent quatity of water. Make a sharp right turn and I get a splash of water on my right foot. Same thing on pax side. It is disconcerting to hear water sloshing around in there when accelerating and braking.

There are two drain tubes from a box further up the line, but there are no drains from this distribution box.

Apart from plubing two small drain lines from this box, are there any suggestion out there for solving this problem?

The condensation should be draining out from the evaporator area. I think one or both of the drains tubes is clogged and the water is getting into the distribution box, where it was never intended to be, instead of draining onto the ground.

Try clearing the two existing drain tubes.

I have had the two dran tubes cleared from time to time. I worry that there is algae growing up in there (without sunlight?) that clogs the drains. Do you have any ideas as to what is causing these clogs and what can be done to prevent it?

Most of these clogs are caused by debris getting in them from the scuttle vents. This is pretty normal on XJs and they should be blown out every time you get it on a lift as a matter of course. Keep them clear and your feet will stay dry.

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Algae may grow if water is retained in the HVAC system, but algae is not what’s clogging the drain tubes. Usually it’s a combination of dirt and debris drawn in through the HVAC air intake. Small pieces of leaves, pine needles, etc.

There is not much to prevent these things from getting in. I suppose you could rig some sort of filtering media over the intake (a fine screen, perhaps), but it’s going to have to be a DIY thing. Assuming, of course, you can reach the air intake opening. I’m not sure where it is on this car.

When the drain tubes have recently been cleaned does the water problem go away? My guess is “yes.”