Cold water on my feet!

I have an '02 Mitsubishi Mirage DE. Recently, it has started pouring cold water on my right foot when I make right turns. This only happens when I’m running the A/C while driving. I brought it into Pep Boys and told them what was going on, they charged me $125 to look at my A/C system and told me they couldn’t find anything wrong. Since then the problem has gotten worse. Now cold water pours out on the driver’s side when I make right turns and pours out into the passenger’s side when I make left turns. I can HEAR some large body of water behind the center console… what the heck is this and how can I fix it?

PEP BOYS…Why would anyone in their right mind take their car to a shop called “PEP BOYS”???
The problem with your car is that the evaporator drain tube is plugged up…This water is supposed to drain out under your car. When the tube gets plugged up, the heater / A/C box fills up with condensate (water) and runs on your foot. After a while, the carpeting will become soaked and get mildewed…

Step one: Locate the drain. It’s usually on the lower edge of the firewall on the passenger side. Step two. Use a tool like a chop-stick to clean it out. A shop-vac can also be effective…

Hmmmm… since the only firewall I’m familiar with pertains to computers, I’m probably just going to take it back to the shop and tell them exactly what they missed and insist they do it for free (since they already charged me $125 to look over my A/C system and missed it).

Thanks for letting me know exactly what to tell them. :slight_smile:

I’ve been giving bad diagnosis of car problems to posters on this board for several years. I need to go work for Pep Boys where I can get paid for what I am doing for free.

At any rate, the first ostis right–the evaporator drain is plugged up. Any shop should be able to take care of this in 5 minutes and certainly for less than $125.

Not a 5 minute fix, more like 30 seconds. You can do it yourself if you know where to look.