A/C condensate under the hood?


We just noticed that our car (2007 Yaris) appears to be dripping water underneath. We suspect this is normal a/c condensation but, since we’d never seen it before, we opened the hood to take a look. We found a small, white plastic tube behind/underneath the engine that is dripping water to the bottom of the front of the car. Shouldn’t the water be dripping directly out underneath the car or is it normal to drip inside, under the hood? Sorry, it must be obvious that I don’t know any of the technical car part names!

Thank you!

The cold coils of the air conditioner will collect moisture. It’s similar to the condensation that appears on a cold beverage glass when it is exposed to humid air. I’m not familiar with the Toyota Yaris, but I assume that the plastic tube is to take the condensation collected on the evaporator and drain it out of the box that holds the evaporator of the air conditioner. If this is the case, you only need to worry when it doesn’t drip when you use the air conditioner.

Ok, so it is ok even if the dripping is occurring inside the hood to the bottom of the car (and eventually, to the outside)?


The evaporator may be located under the hood rather than in the passenger compartment. My 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass 4-4-2 has the evaporator under the hood and the water drips down and out from under the hood. I’m not familiar with the Toyota Yaris, but it may have the evaporator where it was easier to run the drain line out under the hood.

Until 1957 the few GM cars that did have factory air conditioning had the evaporator and fan in the trunk. These cars dripped the water from the back.

As long as it gets out, it’s alright. I think mine drips down the plastic fenderwell too. Don’t even think about it any more.

Great, thanks!