Liquid Dripping on passengers and Drivers foot when A/C is running

I drive a 94 accord ex as you know. I noticed that the a/c refrigerant liquid was leaking away …so to run thru the summer i started adding refrigerant as and when it ran out…so the car cools fine now…and i replace with a 11oz( i think) each month …but off late when i run the a/c for a few minutes…there is a liquid that starts dripping on the passengers foot in the front and it also makes a fizzing sound…thsi happens when i turn to the left sharp…and when i turn to the right sharp, the liquid drips …on the drivers foot near the gas pedal…this is turning out to be problematic while driving and entering ramp…when all of a sudden you feel a cup of water in your feet near the gas pedal…the more i run the a/c the more water pours our during sharp turns…sometimes it drips and if more water…then it flows…my guess is the a/c condensation isnt finding a vent to flow out from the bottom and hence ends up in the car…can you think of what the reason might be??? can i fix this myself…if the vent is clogged or something??? Need help soon!!

“is the vent is clogged or something???”


[quote]“can i fix this myself…”


Raise the hood. Locate the drain, usually a short piece of rubber hose protruding through the firewall. Poke it clear with a length of flexible wire. The plastic cord from a string trimmer works particularly well.

look under the car, nearly underneath the AC unit under the dash. there should be a small rubber hose hanging down. this is the drain hose for the internal ac unit. it lets water out (unless its plugged up)

if you are unsure where to find it, go to the mall and look for your same model car. look under it for the telltale puddle of water. (assuming the car was parked recently and had the air on)

you can usually use a wet/dry shop vac and suck/or blow out the clog. better to try sucking it out, since that will remove the offending crap in the line, rather than just blowing it back in, and wait fo rit to come back and reclog the drain.

you can usually use duct tape or your imagination to make the vac hose air tight to the drain hose.

If you just had you oil changed at a fast lube place. Some time the tech plug those hoses up because they don’t like being dripped on. mayy have done that and did not remove plug