Isuzu Amigo power window wont go up after rain


The driver’s side power window on my Isuzu Amigo 99 started behaving strange whenever it rained. First it either wouldn’t go up or down or on a few occasions it started going up and then down again by itself. Finally, it went down all the way and wont budge anymore rain or shine ! what do I check and where do I start? And how do I locate the fuse if thats the place to start? Thanks a million for your help. nimo

The owner’s manual may be helpful in locating the fuse. There are probably at least two fuse boxes, one under the hood and another inside the vehicle. Some fuse boxes have diagrams printed on them (inside or outside) showing fuse locations.

If the other windows work it’s probably not a fuse problem, but it’s worth checking.

After checking the fuse I’d start with the window switch. A service manual such as Haynes might be very helpful, too.