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Power windows

This morning right side window would not work. It was while half open. Neither the driver side switch nor the passenger side switch would make it move. When I put the top down, the window lowered as usual. The switches still do not work.

1) The problem does not seem to be a switch because neither switch operates the window and it unlikely that both would fail simultaneously.

2) The problem is not the motor or a jammed mechanism because the window powered down when the top went down.

3) The top powering would seem to suggest that a fuse is not involved. Furthermore the left window works properly.

Help! Do you have any suggestions? Do you have any idea of what the wiring diagram looks like?

3) The top powering would seem to suggest that a fuse is not involved. Maybe maybe not. Do you have a schematic?

I would recommend checking for proper grounds. While it may not be my fist suggestion, I would consider that maybe the roof is causing some binding of the window movement.

If this is by any chance a Chrysler Sebring, and the power window was open while it was raining, your door switch probably got wet, and it will not work until it dries out. Try parking the car in the sun on a dry day with the top up, and run the car and with the heater running full blast, through the vents that blow air in your face. Direct the vent near the driver side window right at the switch. It should dry out and work, if probably less smoothly.
The window comes down when the top is lowered because the door switch is not involved. If drying it out doesn’t work, replace the door switch.
There was a recall for Chrysler Sebring for just this problem, although I believe the power lock was the focus of the recall. The recall was done for the lock because of the potential fire hazard.
Do not drive the car in the rain with the window down, or leave the windows open overnight, since dew in the morning can have the same effect as rain. Water is getting at your switch in either case, and the part is not waterproof.
If it a Sebring, check to see if you have a recall notice on this car.

I suspect the passenger side lockout switch is either pressed, or it’s broken and permanently closed. Check that switch first. It’ll cut power to the passenger side window so that kids don’t mess with it constantly. But I’m sure the top-stow switch would override the lockout.

The switch can fail in this way if their grounds are joined. Often the switch for one motor can be combined with the harness of the other motor. But I do no know your car. You need a multimeter. If you do not know what that is go to a shop.