Issue with 2012 nissan altima blower motor

Hey guys, I have a 2012 Nissan Altima 2.5s Coupe. I have recently had some issues with the blower motor that has me stumped and I was hoping you good people might have the solution. A few weeks ago this problem developed. When you start the car the blower works fine on any speed setting. After driving 5 minutes or so the the air flow starts to die, unless you put it on the highest speed. It will always work on the highest setting and sometimes it will work fine for a while on lower settings after putting it on the highest setting but usually will die down again after a few minutes. After some research I decided to put in a new relay for the blower…didn’t fix it. There is no separate resistor for this model car so given its age i decided to replace the blower motor…still it happens. So, new relay and new blower motor later I still have this issue and i’m stumped. I assume it’s something electrical seeing as how replacing the parts didn’t resolve the issue but i don’t know. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

It looks like it’s going to require a factory level scanner to determine as to why the blower slows down.

The speeds are computer controlled.



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Does the blower motor make squeaking noises when the blower is running sometimes? If so, another idea, you may have some sort of problem w/ the motor’s bushings. If you can access the bushings w/out too much effort, you might want to try putting a drop of 3-in-one oil on each side. While there, make sure the fan cage spins freely.

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as tester said, your going to need to get a scanner on it. You need to compare what power the computer is requesting to what the blower motor is getting. If they match, then you may have an evaperator freezing up. This will build a layer of ice, and air cannot flow through ice. The more ice builds up, the less air flow passes through. This could be a pressure switch issue, or a/c thermostat, or even just a very dirty evaperator.

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Any chance you have automatic mode for A/C operation?
If so and it is enabled, the fan speed will automatically be adjusted up or down depending on the demands for cooling/heat-

pg 4-26 operator’s manual:

Cooling or heating (AUTO)
This mode may be normally used all year round as
the system automatically works to keep a constant temperature. Air flow distribution and fan
speed are also controlled automatically.

Is the Automatic button (10) lit up?


No noises…I just replaced with a brand new blower motor

No, my car doesn’t have the auto climate control system…I’ve owned it since 2013 and this is a recent issue.

yeah it’s most likely what Tester said…it’s definitely nothing to do with the AC because it happens whether the AC, heat, or just the fan is on( I thought it might be AC related as well so I tested that theory lol)…It has to be something with the computer…I was hoping this was going to be something simple and cheap I could fix in the driveway rather than taking to a dealer or mechanic and spending a bunch of money…It’s more of a mild inconvenience than a major problem and seeing as how I’m most likely going to be buying a newer vehicle some time in early 2024 I’m probably just going to live with it rather than spending an arm and a leg to repair something minor for a car I won’t be driving much longer.

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I do believe you are right on this one Tester…I’ve tried every other route so it’s got to be something computer related which means I’m probably just going to live with the minor inconvenience instead of an expensive fix because I plan on getting a new vehicle early next year anyway. Thanks for your help