No Air is blowing out of my vents! Please HELP!


The settings on my car there is no air blowing out of my vents either it is on AC or Heat, when the setting is at High the air is working fine. But when it’s on 1/2/ or 3 I hear the motor working, but there is no air blowing. It was working in the morning fine, but in the afternoon I was having issues. Any answers or suggestions are appreciated!

This kind of thing is usually caused by the resistors for the motor speed control or the thermo cutout opening up. But you say you hear the blower working when running it at a reduced speed and just don’t get any air. If that is really true then the trouble would have to be with the vent doors somehow, it would seem to me. They are usually controlled using vacuum air but sometimes are electrically controlled. Either way, I can’t think of a reason why the speed of the blower would make a difference on the vent operation so I have to wonder if you are really hearing the blower working while at a speed other than high.

Thanks for giving me some suggestions…

I have 4 settings on my switch, 4 being the higest. 4 blows out fine air, but when I switch it to 3, 2, or 1, I can hear a motor running like underneath my car, but no air is blowing into the vents, either it be fan, AC or heat. I tried switching it to floor and nothing is coming out. My last resort is bringing it to the car dealership.

The blower fan is not under the car and it is the same fan that works on all the speeds. When those resistors go, usually one at a time, the high usually continues to work for some time. It also means the blower fan is likely on it’s last legs and you should replace both the fan and the resistors.

I brought it to Autozone and the manager said it’s most likely the blower motor resistor but they didnt have the part in stock, he said would take 5 days to come. Should I go on ahead and order it? 49.95 plus 6$ or should I take it to the dealership? The dealership quoted it for 199.95, I mean is it worth 150 dollars for labor?

No one can tell you that unless you say what make, model and year of vehicle you’re talking about.

The fan motor will run with the engine off but the key in RUN position. Get your head down in the passenger footwell with the blower running at the highest speed where it works. Listen to the motor. Now switch to the next lower speed. Does the motor noise still come from the same location only less pronounced like it’s running slightly slower? If so, it’s not the blower motor resistor pack. If there’s no longer any noise from the motor, then the resistor pack is highly suspect. Changing one is typically an easy job but you have to answer that first question…

I’m sorry, I thought I mentioned it earlier.

My car is a 2003 Nissan Altima.
All the settings no air are coming through the vents except the 4th setting (high setting)
When I switch from 1 to 2 and etc, I heard it kicking in, like the Fans are running, but no air are being transfered through. Only when I have it on the 4th setting.
Please advise.
Your suggestions/comments are much appreciated.

You didn’t say how many miles are on the car but it could be the cabin filter hasn’t ever been changed and now it takes the force of the blower on high speed to push air through it. This, of course, assumes that the blower is actually functioning properly at the lower settings. Otherwise I suspect a problem with the blend doors. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Looks like Nissan is mighty proud of their blower resistors at $49.00 apiece.

Go back to Autozone & pickup a copy of the Haynes manual for a 2003 Nissan Altima for 20 bucks.

Now read the section that tells you how to replace the blower motor resistor.

Does this look like something that you can do yourself?

If not, take it to any GOOD independant shop & they will do it for much less than the dealer.

I just scraped every fuse that had anything to do with my blower. Some had corrosion upon the electrodes. Low and behold, the blower now works.

I have 59,500 Miles on the Car, I don’t think it’s the Cabin filters since it was “replaced” when I got a tuneup last time.

Very good point, tech2trance, if what you are hearing IS the blower motor when set to the lower speeds there might be a flaky connection somewhere.

Check for that at the blower resistor & blower motor.

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