Is it my Subaru? I can't get a date

What is the community opinion of the Subaru Forester? I drive a 2003 gold-colored Forester - no bumper stickers, no indication of my political views. I am a suburban single mom; fit, petite, cute, but I simply don’t get a second glance from male drivers when I’m on the road. I’ve heard rumors that Subarus are the choice car of gay women, which is perfectly fine though I’m not gay, but how do I up my cute factor while driving my Subaru?

What are you doing next Saturday?

Seriously, speaking as a man deep into his '50s who married late and has again been single for the past 12 years, the kind of car you drive means absolutely zero to anyone worth wanting to attract. Unless I’m missing something, you don’t meet men while driving, you meet them at your destinations. Perhaps your destinations are what you should be looking at.

Destinations? It’s usually somewhere that my kids need to go. Maybe I should blame it on them! But you are right - perhaps I need to take myself and my Subaru to some cultural events. It’s long past due.

You’re asking this crowd ?

Can you name the exact cars all my neighbors drive? Neither can I.

It’s The Kids. You Should Decide Which Is More Important, Kids Or A Date?

Maybe you should pick up a second car that is sportier and doesn’t haul children.

We have many heterosexual friends with both Foresters and Legacy Outbacks (which is supposed to a gay MEN’S car) in our hiking and skiing club.

If your car is clean, does not smell, then men must avoid you for other reasons. If I were I man looking to evaluate potential female partners, I would be turned off by a car that was a pigsty inside, since it reveals what type of person the owner is.

Looking back, the girls I dated way back had an interesting mix of cars:

  1. Subeam Alpine
  2. 4 Door Thunderbird
  3. Chevy Impala 4 door hardtop
    4 VW beetle (60s version)
  4. Mercury Comet convertible
  5. Austin Mini (the original)
    7 Chevy Biscayne 4 door

Some had NO CAR, but the one I married had the Mini, skirt as well as car!!

With a Forester, I would join an outdoors club such as hiking, skiing, etc. There is great cameraderie amongst these people, and may have AWD vehicles. You’ll fit right in.

Now you mention the kids? The whole world isn’t like TV, so maybe it’s just “situation normal”. Keep in mind that “men at work” is just something written on a sign. It all starts there. Just don’t be seen getting into a Saab.

Many people would find hovering around a woman driving a car unsettling. Try some activities. Get a sitter for the kids if they are young and take a class at a community college. I used to work with a guy who did that as a means of hooking up. He figured that women were more likely to be in arts or crafts classes, so that’s what he signed up for. I understand that the grocery store has been a popular place to meet men. Anywhere you find men is an opportunity o meet them. Dress for success and you will meet a lot of men; maybe too many. ;’)

I reconsidered how I finished the post. It might be considered offensive if taken the wrong way. What I meant is that you can wear bright colors, even bright pastels, that will draw attention to you. Your clothes can be flattering and modest at the same time if they compliment your figure without giving too much away. If you wear jeans and sweatshirts, for instance, you might try nice slacks, open toe shoes (it’s getting warm, you know), and a nice blouse. I’m married, and am on a diet. But if you dressed like that, I’d certainly read the menu.

The rumors you hear are mostly true. I’ve had two lesbian (not that there’s anything wrong with it) coworkers over the years and they both drove Subarus. For a chuckle I submit

Frankly, unless you’re driving a WRX, Subraus don’t seem to be really intresting to men.

If you are looking for dates on the road, perhaps a convertible of some sort might be better, but why look for dates because of your car! True love comes to those who wait, you will be surprised someday by a guy who likes you for you, and not picking up some bilbo who is only looking at the car you drive. (bilbo is a hobbit reference to some guy with big feet and hair in his knuckles etc. etc.)

I’d be looking at you, not your car! Really. Why would a guy judge a woman by the type of car she drives? They can’t know you without engaging you. Of course, to do that, you may have to get out of your vehicle anyway. :slight_smile:

Mountainbike is right. You have a better chance of meeting possibilities by being in the right destinations which I’ll add should include the types of hobbies/interests/activities that you like. Even if you don’t happen to meet someone on a given day you should still enjoy being there. And you need to be yourself–your BEST self–but definetely yourself. The right people will like you for who you are; the car is irrevalent.

I married a little later in life and initially met my wife at a nice, non drinking party at a friends house where many were in attendance…then later I bumped into her at a couple of church activities and started dating. By the way, she didn’t even own a car. (Next month we celebrate 7 years of marriage.)

IMHO nothing in the world is sexier than a blond in an open (doors and top removed) Jeep Wrangler wearing short cutoff jeans and a halter top.

But I still contend that the destination is more important. I just wanted to get that in.

Uh . . . keep the Daisy Duke fantasy to yourself, buddy. :wink:

I have to agree, the car is not the problem. One of the more popular girls in my high school back in the day (1970 +/-) was the undertaker’s daughter, and she drove a hearse. Guys will like a girl/woman in almost any car, though some will attract more attention (my daughter got several parking lot “hellos” from guys when she drove a Subaru XT6), but no car will drive them off. Kids might, but you don’t want to deal with the ones who are avoiding your kids, anyway.

Hey, the post was about the car’s relevance to attracting men. The comment is relevant to the post. Some vehicles truely will attract men better than others.

But the destination is even more important.

Hey, no offense meant Mountainbike. Just poking a little fun. I don’t think Daisy needed the Jeep, though.

No problem my friend. I just wasn’t certain.

But nobody would have been able to appreciate Daisy if she’d been in a Subaru!

I hope the OP isn’t taking this too seriously. What’s really important isn’t the car. One of my favorite ladyfriends of all time, who has become over the years a close and cherished friend, drove the most beat up old thing you ever saw when we first met. Come to think of it, I was driving a seven year old Toyota pickup!

It’s definitely not the car.

If anything, most men are so vain they’re likely trying to get you to give them the look and look cool, all at the same time.

Furthermore, any guy who won’t put himself out there cos of your car probably isn’t worth a lug nut anyway.


See, it’s not about the car. Regardless of what it is, men are going to assume that you’re NOT a single mom, if there are kids involved. And trolling with a license plate that says SINGLE, is, well, just a bit tacky. Besides, if you had a really hot car, they’d be drooling over the car, and not you.

If you decided to go for the Danica Patrick look, even in a Mini Cooper, they’d either not be able to catch you, or would be intimidated. So that’s out.

I’m voting for the destination approach. (I’d offer you my car, but my wife would beat me!)