2002 Honda Accord

My car make a noise (squealing?) when the brakes are applied. The noise is not loud and does not seem to occur every time the brakes are used. The sound is primarily heard at low speed but this may be a result of road noise masking the sound at higher speeds. The noise also occurs sporadically when backing up without the brakes. I initially thought it was worn brake pads but am not sure because of the inconsistent nature of the noise

The car is a V6 3.0 L with leather package (EX or LX?). The car has approximately 75K miles. Brake pads were last replaced at 36K miles in 2005.

If you replaced the original pads at 36000 miles and you are now over twice that, what do you think anyone can tell you without seeing the brakes? Take it to your mechanic and get them checked,if the don’t need replacing yet the shop can give you an estimate of when.

Only the FRONT brakes were likely replaced. On most cars, front brakes wear twice as quickly as rear brakes. Now, it’s time to replace the front brakes, again, AND the rear brakes. Then, you’ll be good to stop.