Is anyone else having problems posting?

Keith, thanks for the recap. It helps to have it all in one spot. I doubt you have any problems with the router and airport, since both your wife’s system and yours (at times) works OK with it. You’ve also stated that you only have these problems with CarTalk, and that’s it’s only been since the migration to the new service.

Side note: Sprint operates on the 3G network, which is cell based. I’m not completely familiar with the network, but I do know that all cell networks are based on moving small packets of data, and every conversation you have is merely bits of data moving back and forth. The difference between a network optimized for voice versus one optimized for data is that voice doesn’t allow retransmissions. If you drop a packet, then it’s just gone. Data driven networks are more conducive to retransmissions.

Having said that, TCP/IP is supposed to be the driver behind the systems connected, and yours should flag the packet as data (not voice), and it should request a retransmission (I forget off the top of my head which flag that is), which it sounds like that’s where the problem is. There may be a session setting on the server(s) that needs to be modified. I can only hope the info you’ve provided is enough to point them in the right direction.

If nothing else, maybe I’ve given you some information on how the cell phone networks do what they do. :slight_smile:

I realize it doesn’t fix your computer…sorry about that.

As a test, is there a way ( in the software) to remove the network card, and then re-install it? This would force TCP/IP to reinstall itself, and if there are any wonky settings, repair them. It’s pretty simple on a Windows machine…Good luck,


I can physically remove the network card from the router and I have done that, no help. BTW, after first reporting these problems, the hard drive in my laptop crashed, unrecoverable. I bought a new HD and reinstalled Leopard as well as all the other software I had. Lost my iTunes collection though. I still have all the CD’s that I loaded into iTunes and I still have the iPod. It would be nice to copy from the iPod back to the HD, but Apple does’t like you to do that.

Something new just happened I went to edit a post using the iMac and it did not respond. I got a 502 error from car I think that is the error I used to get when trying to post using HughesNet when it failed. I get no error code now, just a skull and crossbones with the text something like “We cannot process your request. Please try again.”

Well it has now reached the point that I can no longer use my laptop on this site. While part of the problem is in my laptop, part of the problem has to be here as well as this is the only site affected. I am suspecting that since Apple has dropped any kind of support for the G4 macs, system updates no longer available, that the issue is somewhere in there. Something in my system needs an update to be compatible with this site.

I wonder if that something has to do with java script. I have java turned off, but java script on. Is there the possibility that I need an update for java script that I can’t get from Apple? This site relies on a lot of scripts and many pages will not fully load because of that. For example, it may stall at 51 of 52 items loaded, etc. The page looks complete.