Is Ambertech worth trying?

I posted a question about this earlier and it got called spam… It’s not spam, I’m just new…
Does anyone know anything about Ambertech oil/lubricant? Is it worth trying? The website looks good, but it the claims they make are pretty bold, even by today’s standards…

Best I can tell from their website he use a propreitary organic additive to molecularly modify the surfaces of metals. If that ain’t BS, I don;t know what is.

Do you really want to molecularly modify the surface of your cylinders with an unknown substance? Your rings? Your bearings? I think not. I know I don’t.

It’s a scam. Any brand name oil of the proper ratings already contains all the additives you need. Best case, It’ll do no harm, but it’lll do no good. Worst case, it’ll change the viscosity of the oil to where it can no longer do its job…and you’ll end up with a very expensive boat anchor that looks like a car engine.

That was kind of my line of thinking. But usually this kind of thing would have posts online lambasting it, and horror stories about cars exploding or something. I couldn’t find anything, but I couldn’t find any praise either…

No…it’s not worth trying. It’s a scam. Go to their website if you want a good laugh. You won’t be disappointed.

Scam. You might want to learn from your previous post: any question mentioning an oddball product by brand name will automatically get considered spam. It’s a favorite strategy of spammers. Which you might be, they protest very much when accused.

I’m not getting that “feel” from this one. Generally if someone is peddling a product they don;t comment on the website’s claims as being “bold, even by today’s standards”. That comment denotes skepticism.

If the technology were legit the big companies would be all over it.

“Best I can tell from their website he use a propreitary organic additive to molecularly modify the surfaces of metals. If that ain’t BS, I don;t know what is.”

Carroll Shelby hawked Z-Max on TV telling essentially the same story. At first, I though that If Shelby is this enthusiastic, it must be great. Then I thought it was just a very sad situation.

I just looked at their website. It appears that AmberTech is the modern day salesman peddling his snake oil

I am a mechanic in a fleet with thousands of vehicles. If that stuff worked, the director of fleet operations would have instructed all of the repair shops to stock it.

Thanks to all of you! I was just looking for information. I didn’t intend to cause a kerffufle…

Pure snake oil!

I particularly like the ‘organic additive’ angle - oil is 100% organic (containing carbon).

I personally enjoyed the “molecular modification” angle.

MadMechE…no real kerffufle here. It’s just this board has a lot of veterans who have been through this many times before. The Tornado fuel saver, acetone in your gasoline and K&N filters come to mind.

When ethanol was first introduced…I hated the stuff immediately but a lot of mechanics said it was a good thing. Ethanol is now regarded as the worst fuel additive ever produced by nearly everyone who knows anything about vehicles.

Discussion is good. It gets the word out there about the scams. The Tornado is still being sold because people want to believe the “snake oil” pitch. They are gullible customers everywhere but I think their numbers are dwindling. That’s my hope anyway.

I have personally used Ambertech in my BMW. Even with the use of a fully synthetic oil, i saw a fuel mileage increase of almost 8%. I know anectdotel evidence is no better than a testimonial, but it seems to really do a great job. after seeing this discussion thread, i checked out the website further myself. They do not claim that is molecular changes the metals…it molecularly BONDS with the metal. that makes much more sense. instead of coating it like slick 50 or others, its bonds with the metal to leave a longer lasting film. we all know slick 50 and other like products worked to some degree. this should work even better. Just my opinion…which is based on actually using the product, unlike all of you.

Hay, everyone, we have a comedian in the house!

OK, so we have the following possibilities, @ktown118:

  1. You are an Ambertech salesman
  2. You have slightly altered your driving habits after using this expensive additive, and therefore have seen an 8% improvement because of that
  3. Ambertech actually works, unlike every other snake oil sold in the last 100 years, and in spite of the fact that oil companies and car makers employ thousands of trained specialists to discover exactly this type of material.

I guess anything’s possible…


@ktown118 is either the OP under a new name, or a shill who gets paid to frequent online automotive forums and misrepresent himself as a happy customer. Maybe both.

All over their websites and even in their logo the say “Molecular Surface Modification”. Bonding a product to the surface does not a molecular modification make. No molecules in the base material are modified. Anodizing a surface, which actually causes the surface of the base material to form a thinkened, tough oxidized layer, could be called a molecular modification (aluminum oxide is a very tough and hard material), but not what Ambertech does.

Sorry, but they’re playing word games.

Now, let me ask you a question: cylinders are “honed” to create a controlled layer of scatches, to catch and retain a specific amount of oil after the oil wiper rings pass over, the purpose being to lubricate the compression rings. Do you feel it would be a good thing or a bad thing to fill those scratches with a coating “bonded” onto the metal?