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Tire Dressings

Has any one heard of this tire tire dressing called Miracle Glaze. Saw a commercial on the speed channel and went out to Wal-mart and bought some. I’ve used Black Magic for years but no more. No wiping and slinging back on the car. And it has stayed on my tires for over 2 weeks.

Nice spam. I’ve used Black Magic for years myself; I don’t know what you mean by “wiping and slinging back.” I just spray the Black Magic on and walk away, and it also lasts for weeks.

In over 40 years of driving I have never wiped my tyres. Who wants slimy funky looking tyres. It just screams that you don’t have anything better to do than to play with your car.

I like to leave my tyres naked. I also hate SPAM.

I shined my tires back when I was young, many years ago. Now I tire my back.


Your story is very touching. I hope that you and your tire glaze spend many a happy evening together.

I use Armor-All tire dressing, and it works just as well as what you say.

And Armor-All doesn’t need to pay some guy to promote their product. Unfortunately.

This is not spam bro. I just asked had anybody seen the commercial. Not trying to piss anyone off. I just think its a good product.

You may be for real, but when someone post their first and only message on the board and it is praising a commercial product and they don’t fill out any details in their profile etc. Well if it looks like and smells like it usually is.

This is SPAM. You didn’t just ask if anybody had seen the commercial. You also praised the product using marketing terms that make it easy to identify as SPAM.