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Has anyone used Tufoil oil treatment as an oil additive and if so what are your results with it?

Never heard of the product but after taking a look at their site it has all of the customary scam wording used on countless other products.

“Slick surfaces, better fuel mileage” along with “glowing testimonials” (was getting 32 MPG and now never go below 44 MPG) plus they’re looking for saps to become distributors (a al Amway). Pure bunk.

OK4450 worded it perfectly. Save your money.

The only ones who will reply with “great” results for products like these are the distributors who will mask themselves as a random consumers with innocent-looking entries.

What’s your opinion of zMAX? I’d consider it snake oil, too, but Carroll Shelby uses it. He could just be a shill, but I’d be really disappointed if he is.

Just a quick list of oil additives that have been sued by the Federal Trade Commission for false claims:

Maybe that haven’t got around to Tufoil yet. Sounds like Slick50. I believe DuPont stopped Slick50 from buying PTFE (Teflon). Same stuff that Tufoil claims is their benefit. Just my 2 cents!

What a shame to see Shelby selling out on Zmax snake oil.

Regular oil changes is your best protection.

From what I’ve heard, I wouldn’t buy something just 'cause old Shel uses it.

People selling these types of products would say that it is almost as good as using full synthetic. That isn’t the greatest compliment to synthetic oil, but it tells a good enough story about the lack of value that they’re trying to sell you. At the auto parts store, there ae four different varieties of the same product. If any one of them really stood out, you might have heard something about it.

I think a lot of Carroll Shelby, a legend amongst legends, but cash is always king and about 99% of all the people on earth will say anything if the price is right.

If I’m Shelby and someone offers me half a million or whatever to promote a product that I know won’t hurt anything at all (even though it doesn’t help) then it would be “Where do I sign?”.

I think wb7000 is a shill. This is his only post on this forum.

Remember the rash of “run your car on water” posters?