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Is Ambertech worth trying?

@ktown118, I Know You’ve Got To Be Monitoring For Responses To Your Unsolicited Testimonial . . .
" I have personally used Ambertech in my BMW. "

Before I try it, I was just curious as to who would put an additive like this in a BMW, more specifics about the car, and why they would do it ?

You mention improved mpg.

Is this why you used it, to get better mpg ?
Please tell the make, model, model-year, and approximate number of miles on this BMW.
Also, are you planning on getting any other benefits from it ? Please explain.
Please explain your level of automotive expertise/savvy.

We have a BMW technician who monitors this site and if you give the information then maybe he’s got some more specific questions for you.

Thank You In Advance,

Guys, here’s something interesting to consider.

@ktown118 joined the cartalk community at 11:23AM

Then made a highly positive comment about Amertech at 11:32AM

Sounds like a paid spokesperson to me.

Or somebody who’s seen the light.

Unlike the rest of us.

I suppose we’re just plodding ahead in the dark.

Maybe I’m just not an “early adopter”.

@thesamemountainbike I’m with you. I will also not adopt.

Don’t worry about causing enthusiasm to boil over. Castrol Syntec was the best infomercial I ever saw. I use it when I do the oil change. When somebody else does it I ask for whatever synthetic oil they stock. Synthetic oil is about as close to miraculous as we’re going to get as far as oil goes. There was a great ad for automobile water injection when I was a kid. Despite the magazine title, mechanics aren’t that popular.

I always wondered why they bothered developing fuel injection when the Fish carburetor woul get ypu 100 mpg. ( For those under 70, you will have to google it.)

From the website:

This proprietary formula is USDA Certified 99% Biobased

In case you missed it, it’s a food (of sorts…hence the U.S. Dept of Agriculture)

So, let’s play “name that food”…what agricultural by-product do you suppose “doubles” as a lube additive?

Castor oil? Peanut? Canola?

Reminds me of the SNL bit: “It’s a dessert topping!” “No, it’s a floor wax!” “…wait: it’s BOTH!”


I for one like my oil additives to be free range, preferably fair trade as well if possible.

@FoDaddy , @meanjoe75fan - and you just need to keep a couple of quarts in the trunk. Stuck somewhere? No problem, gather up some greens and you’ve got a salad dressing ready made!

Why these scammers choose to claim things like ‘USDA Certified’ just makes no (real) sense - who CARES? I’m not EATING this stuff! But anything to legitimize themselves…

Haven’t heard back from @ktown118

Must be be having dinner right now
Probably eating crow
Or eating his words

Wait a minute. Isn’t that the same thing?

In any case, he must have a full stomach.

Hey guys, somebody flagged my last comment as “off topic”


@thesamemountainbike perhaps one of those “early adopters” flagged me!

I have to say from my own experience that Ambertech makes the best automobile lubricant ever produced. it is manufactured from free range corn husks, contains B vitamins, kills mosquitoes, cures arthritis and tastes great on salads.

I use it for everything!


Perhaps a slug of Ambertech will wash the flag out. It’s USDA approved! And biodegradable!
Perhaps it’ll even modify your molecules!

I’ve been looking for something that’ll modify my molecules. I haven’t had my molecules modified in a long time.

I should point out that I am not making fun of the OP. I’m making fun of Ambertech. I understand how easy it is to get sucked into these technical sounding descriptions.

20w 50 castrol, been usen it forever, maybe some dura-lube from time to time.

Any of these “snake oil” additives are not needed. There are some that might help prolong an engine that is about dead from oil burning but will not solve the problem. I would simply not touch any of these slick50 or similar deals unless you have an engine you don’t care about. Some of these actually do harm and increase wear.

That was kind of my line of thinking. But usually this kind of thing would have posts online lambasting it, and horror stories about cars exploding or something. I couldn't find anything, but I couldn't find any praise either...

Just because it’s snake-oil…doesn’t mean the engine is going to blow up. All that means is the product is a waste of money and NOT worth it. Most of these products won’t harm your vehicle…but the results will be the same if you use the product or not. All these products are aimed to do is get money from suckers.