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Is a heated steering wheel warm all the way around?

2015 sierra slt ; heated steering wheel should the heat be noticed on the FULL CIRCUMFERENCE of the wheel?? Nobody really could give me a accurate answer, thanks!, has a question section. Have you tried that?

Heated Steering wheel!!!

I remember my grandpa saying that on cold nights he would wait for grandma to go to the out house first. Then the seat would be warm when he headed out there.


I’ve never tested any vehicle that had a heated steering wheel uniform all around its entire circumference. It is usually warm only on the parts that don’t touch the rims, or supports and usually where your hands would rest. Some models have just a very warm couple of spots, others have more coverage. If it is uniform left to right (side to side) I would imagine it is normal.

I’m not familiar with your car, but my Lexus GS heats only the sides, so it’s certainly possible that your car is the same.