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Heated steering wheel on lower trim level Toyata Highlander

Not sure if I put this in the correct category.

According the the Canadian brochure for the 2018 Toyota Highlander, you can only get the heating steering wheel on the top trim level (Limited). If you don’t want all the options in the Limited trim level, it’s a lot to pay just to get a heated steering wheel.

Is it possible to change/replace the steering wheel on a lower trim line to a heated one. I would think all the necessary wiring would already be there but just not used.

It would probably cost less and actually work if you get the top model. You won’t know about the wiring until somebody who knows the system looks at it. I shouldn’t comment on heated steering wheels: I bought a new pickup in 1979 that had an AM radio as the only option. $5,100.

The steering wheel lists for $980 and the clockspring $620, the lower trim levels may not be wired for this. How much is a heated steering wheel worth?

I’m in Minnesota and never would want a heated steering wheel. If its that cold in the car, you have gloves on and once the car heats up, the wheel does too. Just another thing to go wrong. Now on the snow mobiles I can see it because you are out in the cold with no heat. I don’t like and never use the heated seats either unless I bump the switch.


In addition to what @bing said, you can get heated gloves for a lot less, even whe you include the cost of batteries. As a bonus, you can take the gloves with you and warm your hands anywhere.

I would be concerned about making this change to a new vehicle just because of the warranty . It might not be a problem but why take a chance. The thing to do is ask the dealer if it can be added by them .


Manufacturers have some of the dumbest option combos. My 1990 Pathfinder - in order to get intermittent wipers I had to order the automatic. At least there was an intermittent wiper kit I could buy from the dealer. Not sure you can get the heated steering wheel though. The base Highlander (I own a 2014 LE V6-AWD) model has more features then my almost fully loaded 1998 Pathfinder.

I’m afraid I have the opposite opinion. On most winter days here (in the 20s or so), I’m fine with bare hands in my coat pockets while I’m walking around outside, but the steering wheel is too cold to hold, so I really like being able to heat it up quickly.

My favorite option on new cars. Very frustrating that one can’t get it on lower trim levels in the way that heated seats have started to migrate down the trims (in general). We shopped for a Honda CR-V recently and were told by the dealer (Burlington Mass) that a heated steering wheel was not available. We owned a new Mazda CX-5 with a heated steering wheel 2 hours later.

It’s not even available on the “Limited” Highlander, you have to get the “Platinum” add on. So about $5,000 more that an “SE” version. Ouch!

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Thanks to everyone for their comments.

Canada just gets 4 levels (LE, LE AWD, XLE AWD and Limited AWD), no Platinum. The heated steering wheel is on the top level (Limited).

It is interesting that on the Kia Sorento, all levels in Canada get a heated steering wheel. I believe that most levels of the Hyundai Sante Fe XL also get a heated steering wheel. I guess they are trying to get more market share by having more options at lower trim levels.

I’m not sure what the changes will be for the 2019 model year, but hopefully heating steering wheels will be available on lower trim levels.

I never thought heated seats would be something I would like, they were great, but I gave up the liberty I think it was for a pick up truck, as the lady wanted a smaller vehicle at work. I am not lost without heated seats, but have never had a heated steering wheel, I would not know if I waned one until I tried one.