Heated Steering Wheel Cover

Does anyone know if they make a heated steering wheel cover that plugs into the cig. lighter in the car? Or do I have to buy an entire new heated steering wheel from the manufacturer? Thanks for the advice!

I looked for these at JCWhitney.com, your home of gimmicky automotive stuff, and the closest I could find was a set of heated handlebar control grips for an ATV. So unless you want to switch to a Suzuki quad or something, you’re probably SOL. Might I suggest gloves?

Canadian Tire had something like this last year before Christmas. I don’t know if they still sell it, though.

Edit: Just looked through Canadian Tire’s site, and checked on EBay… neither had any heated steering wheel covers for sale. But I’m sure there’s some out there.

Another option is an electric heater to plug into your lighter socket, Canadian Tire sells one. It’ll heat up the steering wheel (and the rest of the interior) quickly, so you can drive in comfort sooner, without having to wait for the engine to put out heat.

Wouldn’t a pair of gloves be simpler? I can’t imagine where you’d run the wire for a heated steering wheel cover without causing a potential hazard. I know this is an option on some new cars, but adding one after the fact is going to be difficult.

I wear gloves until the interior warms up.