Heated Steering Wheel

My wife is looking to get a new car. Because she has Reynaud’s, one very important feature she is looking for is a heated steering wheel. It seems like right now, this only comes on top-end cars. She is looking at a VW Touareg, which would be about $50k, with this feature. She basically wants this car just for this feature, and would otherwise be relatively happy with another VW, which could probably be half that price.

My questions is, can you get a good heated steering wheel installed after market? I’ve looked around and all I’ve found are crappy ones that plug into your cigarette lighter. I’m looking for something that would be installed by a professional (not me) and would look and work as if it came with the car.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

The Nissan Maxima 3.5SV with the cold package has one. That’s a $400 add-on to a $33,500 car. Much cheaper than the Touareg.

Amazon $20, try it on the old car and make sure she will be happy with it.
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The BMW X3 has optional heated steering wheel. If all you get is the cold weather package, then you’re looking at about 10 grand less than the Touareg

Have You Considered Heating The Hands In The Car And While Outdoors Going To And From The Car, While Using A Conventional Steering Wheel ?

A quick search found a couple of ideas. I’m sure others are available.





How about some heated gloves from a good sporting goods store?