Heated Steering Wheels

I suffer from a not-uncommon condition known as Reynaud’s Phenomenon. What that means is that my fingers go painfully numb at times (and it’s getting worse as I get older… rats!). Generally the trigger is cold, whether outside in the winter (I live in northeast Ohio) or in very air conditioned areas in the summer. While wearing gloves in the winter is helpful, if I get chilled, my hands are likely to go numb whether they are in gloves or not. I recently learned that some car manufacturers actually make a heated steering wheel. It sounds like a dream come true. I would prefer a car that uses regular fuel instead of premium. Any suggestions as to a car that has the option of a heated steering wheel? (I?d prefer one that uses regular fuel.) Also, is it possible to get an after-market heated steering wheel for whatever car I end up getting? The lease is up on my minivan and I?m happy to report that my kids are grown and I no longer feel I have to drive one. I appreciate any and all input on this one!

The only cars I’ve heard of with heated steering wheels are European luxury cars, which means expensive cars that require premium gasoline. If you can afford such a car, check the Mercedes, BMW, and Audi websites and see which models have this feature.

How about a pair of heated gloves instead? They would be much less expensive. Hunting and camping supply stores should have them. Stores or websites selling motorcycle accessories should also have heated gloves for cold weather riding. One of these products should help keep your hands warm while driving.

BMW is the only make of car that I have heard of with heated steering wheel availability. There may be others, but as mcparadise stated, they are all likely to be luxury makes, and most of those cars will require premium gas.

Mr. / Ms. Myers, Do You Have Any Special Gloves ?
This is a possible solution. Take a look at some of these. They might not be the best for driving because it sometimes becomes more difficult to operate the radio, etcetera, but on really cold days I often start out driving with gloves until the car heats up. The advantage of these gloves over a heated steering wheel is that they can go with you when you park and they can be used in multiple vehicles.

Click on these red links.

Battery powered heated gloves:
Another one:

Rechargeable Special Reynaud’s gloves (a bit pricey, but read this):
Here’s what the selling company says: "If you suffer from Raynaud’s Syndrome our heated gloves are what you’ve been looking for. With a heating element at the end of each finger and thumb, it puts the heat right where you need it. Also, see our FootWarmers for your feet."

Glove liners that you can power from the car’s cigarette lighter(?) :

Non-electric Special Reynaud’s gloves:

Good Luck!

Thank you to mcparadise, VDCdriver, and common sense answer for your responses. I appreciate the links for gloves and liners that were provided by c.s.a. Of the bunch, the pricey ones from cozywinters look the best for my situation. While I understand that gloves are a solution to my situation, I had hoped that I might learn of an after-market heated steering wheel I could use in the car… or a car with a heated steering wheel that uses regular fuel. I have symptoms in the summer, too, though not as often, and am unlikely to wear gloves then. I’ll keep exploring, but you’re wise to offer me a practical and lower cost (in the long run) solution. Thanks!

You’re Very Welcome. Thanks Much For The Follow-Up. We Always Appreciate That.
Good Luck!

How about a block heater? I was going to suggest heated gloves, but I missed to the opportunity. Installing a block heater would mean you get instant heat when you start the car. If you live in the north, block heaters are probably available as an option. If you live in the south, you might get some strange looks from your salesman, but he or she might be able to get you a car with a block heater installed.

I, too, have Reynaud’s Phenomenon, and my Nissan Maxima has a heated steering wheel. In fact, my Maxima is a 2001 and SE model (the fully-loaded model). I also believe as of 2010 (maybe even since 2009) the Nissan Pathfinder has the heated steering wheel, though like the Maxima, you have to buy the fully loaded, high end model.

It has been eXACTly what I’ve needed for my Reynaud’s issues and I wouldn’t dream of owning a car without it now.