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Truck Wheels and Tires

I need new tires on my truck. The tire size on my truck is 265/60/R18. My boss just put new wheels and tires on his new 2016 Silverado. Can I just buy his tires and wheels and put them on my truck? The size of the tires from the Silverado are 275/55/R20.

Maybe - but there’s a lot more information you need to gather.

. Bolt pattern
. Offset
. Height clearance
. Width clearance.

Just to name a few

With all the information that you DON’T give us . . .
NO one can answer that question but you.
Test fit.
Measure all the parameters Mike said plus center hole.
but If. .
IF the tag under the topic is correct ,( F150 Ford ) then I’ll bet the answer is no.

Agree with other posters. I am pretty sure the bolt pattern nor the center hole are not the same so the tire size is just a moot point.

There’s something else to consider, since we’re talking about a truck.

Does your truck require P or LT series tires. If your truck requires LT tires, do NOT let anybody sell or give you P series tires, even if they’re the same size.

Pretty sure Chevy and Ford wheels don’t swap.

They MIGHT have the same bolt pattern, depending on GVWR . . . but they definitely use different style lug nuts

Pretty critical for a friendly informational forum.

Well, sometimes we need to be brutally honest with our replies.
Especially when the original question leaves out so much critical information, yet is asking us to blindly answer.
It’s those ‘in your face’ rebutals that get you , yourself, to do a little more thinking,which you’re asking us to do for you. Many times answering your own question in the process.

I have been hit with the same back lash of new information when diagnosing things like home plumbing and appliances. My questions cause new questions which in turn get me thinking and re-checking on my own ( forehead slap ! )


Well stated Ken Green.
As for the original question my personal rule is I don’t buy used items from relatives, friends, co-workers and especially from a work place superior. Don’t need the conflict if something goes wrong.

The regulars here are BRUTAL, jmeier. But if your boss has a pair of Florsheims to give away I suggest you just try them on. Then you’ll know for sure… It’s unlikely that the shoes or the wheels/tires would fit though.

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Thanks. I might just see if the tires will fit.

The 2016 Silverado has a 6 on 5.5" bolt pattern if it’s a 1500. 2500s and 3500s have an 8 on 180mm pattern.
The year of the Ford F-150 in question isn’t given, but if it’s '97 or newer, it’ll have a 135mm bolt circle (either 5 or 6 stud depending on year). Based on bolt pattern alone, this swap won’t work.

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Fitting isn’t enough. Do they have the same offset? If not you could trash your wheel bearings.